· February, 2007

Stories about Indonesia from February, 2007

Indonesia: Citizen Diplomat

  28 February 2007

Maverick Indonesia blogs about meeting an Indonesian diplomat and his ideas of a citizen diplomat. “But most important is what Aula calls the second track diplomacy. Any Indonesian can be the ambassador of the country, through interactions with people from other countries. Thus, every Indonesian must understand the nation’s foreign...

Indonesia: Another Adam Air Mishap

  22 February 2007

Unspun writes about another accident that involves the private airline Adam Air where one of it's plane was forced to do a hard landing resulting in structural damage. Last month another Adam Air plane went missing over the ocean.

Malaysia: Moral Police

  21 February 2007

Unspun compares the religious moral policing in Malaysia with the relatively liberal attitude in Indonesia.

Indonesia: Jakarta Flooding

  14 February 2007

The Java Jive has posted images of from his flood affected neighbourhood in Jakarta. The blogger also describes how he and other Jakarta residents coped with the floods.

Indonesia: Virus Samples at a Price

  12 February 2007

Slashdot.com is hosting a discussion on Indonesia's decision to sell the Avian Flu virus samples to a biotech company rather that passing it freely to the World Health Organization. Notes the original poster “They feel slighted when they give away such samples, but then cannot afford the patented vaccines.”

Music Video On South East Asian Haze

  8 February 2007

Malaysian blogger Kean-Jim Lim introduced this music video made by some Malaysians protesting the haze brought about by slash and burn agriculture in nearby Indonesian island of Sumatra. This MV is in Cantonese and Malay. Well, it is so true and so real about what Malaysians have experienced in Malaysia...

Indonesia: Delay in Official Relief Efforts

  5 February 2007

Unspun wonders what kept the trade minister from organising relief for the people affected by the floods in Jakarta. “Four days after the massive floods begin, nearly 200,000 made homeles, huge logistics problems regarding food and water distribution and the Minister is finally holding a meeting to get information? Did...

Indonesia: Floods that Paralysed the Capital and its People

  5 February 2007

Indonesia again gets international media intention for yet another natural disaster. This time the capital Jakarta has gone through the worst floods in five years. The floods paralysed everything – the business activities, its people movement and day-to-day government activities. Picture from Rifle's Flickr Page Around 340,000 of Jakarta's population...

Indonesia: Floods in Jakarta

  3 February 2007

Unspun in Jakarta posts a message from a local NGO trying to help the people affected by the latest floods in the Indonesian capital. “As I write this the skies are cloudy, it has been raining lightly but it may pour at any moment, even as the flood waters have...

Indonesia: Jihad is a Sin

  1 February 2007

Indonesia Matters highlights quotes by a cleric from Central Sulavesi who feels that Jihad as mentioned in Quranic context is no longer relevent today.