· December, 2006

Stories about Indonesia from December, 2006

Indonesia: Internet Outage and Flood in Aceh

  29 December 2006

There is nothing worse for Indonesian bloggers in particular around the new year eve but to see the sudden temporary “demise” of internet connection. The cause as reported by Budi Putra, , Sani Asy'ari and Enda Nasution is “the strong quake off Taiwan’s coast on December 26 damaged submarine cables...

Indonesia: Sharia Police in Aceh

  27 December 2006

Indonesia Matters looks at the latest campaign launced by Aceh's religious police against unislamic behaviour. Aceh is a province in Indonesian island of Sumatra that insists on adherence to strict islamic laws.

Indonesia: Supporting New Blogger

  14 December 2006

Fatih Sayud relates his experience with his own blog and tries to answer what kind of support a new blogger needs to stay motivated to continue blogging.

Indonesia: Polygamous Holy Man and MP's Sex Scandal

  8 December 2006

There is nothing more ovelwheming than the conversations among Indonesian blogosphere these past few weeks. The talk involves two occurences that looks similar but are actually unrelated – Aa Gym's second wife and an Indonesian MP of Golkar party's sex scandal. First off, for non-Indonesian, here's an intro by TIME...

Indonesia: Religious Leaders and Polygamy

  8 December 2006

maverickysm blogs about two leading personalities in Indonesia, one the head of the ruling party's islamic affairs and other a popular islamic preacher. They are both getting a lot of attention in Indonesia for affair outside marriage and polygamous marriage respectively.