· November, 2006

Stories about Indonesia from November, 2006

Indonesia: Expensive Wheels

  26 November 2006

Indcoup wonders how Indonesian armed forces is able to afford expensive vehicles for its staff while it has no money for more important purchases.

Bush and Indonesia Islam

  23 November 2006

If you watched CNN or BBC before and during Bush's visit to Indonesia, you would see a sea of protersters in Indonesia's capital, Jakarta with slogan of anti-Bush and to some extent, anti-American foreign policy. But with most female protesters were wearing Islamic clothes i.e. jilbab (Indonesian term for Islamic...

China: Put the E back in APEC

  19 November 2006

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum came to a harmonious enough end this Sunday with all twenty-one member nations agreeing to renew calls for North Korea to put an end to its nuclear plans and key player China putting its weight behind the pledge. Chinese bloggers, however, seem to have...

Indonesia: Welcoming Al Jazeera International

  15 November 2006

Unspun in Indonesia is welcoming the new English language satellite news channel. “It is heartening to read about Al Jazeera International, the global version of the Arab satellite news channel. It is heartening because, as an Asian who’s more at home in English living in Asia I am sick of...

Indonesia: Islam in Indonesia

  14 November 2006

The Swanker introduces an ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) TV series on Islam in Indonesia. The blogger links to the transcripts of the program and asks “anyone with even a passing interest in Indonesia, Islam or both” to read them

Indonesia: Bombing in Jakarta

  11 November 2006

Indinesia Matters reports that a bomb exploded in a fast food restaurant in Jakarta this morning. “The low-explosive bomb went off at the Kramat Jati Indah plaza branch of the American fast food chain in east Jakarta at about 13.00 today. One person, with the intitials MN, was hurt, he...

Indonesia: Departure Tax Reform

  9 November 2006

Indcoup is happy that the Indonesian travelers exiting out of the port of Batam no longer have to pay a departure tax. “The tax is equally absurd from an economic perspective. Cos in addition to discouraging Indonesians from going overseas for holidays, the tax also discourages small-scale businesspeople from doing...

Celebrating Eid ul-Fitr the Blogger Way

  1 November 2006

Some Indonesian bloggers still talk about Eid ul-Fitr, or something to do with it, days after it passed for various reasons. Agus Setiawan at Blogonesia, for example, discusses the recent fatwa (religious decree) made recently by Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), the largest Indonesian Muslim organisation, in which it stated that watching...

Indonesia: Indonesia Expert Cultural Anthropologist Dead

  1 November 2006

Indcoup has the news on the passing of Clifford Geertz, an expert on Java island in Indonesia. “Geertz is most well-known for his study of, in particular, Javanese religion, economic development, traditional political structures, and village and family life, and his work in this area has had a profound impact...