· July, 2006

Stories about Indonesia from July, 2006

Indonesia: Chinese Valentine's Day

  31 July 2006

Indonesian blogger Christine Susanna Tjhin, currently a student in China, talks about the traditional Chinese Valentine's Day. This year, the day falls on 31 July.

Indonesia: New English Daily

  28 July 2006

Unspun reviews the newest English language daily in Indonesian market. The paper is produced by a business group called Jababeka. “If the Jababeka group wants to run its own newsletter then they should just get a blog, a website or print out a newsletter. To dress it up as a...

Indoensia: Expat Life and Indonesian Thoughts

  27 July 2006

The blogger at Sarapan Ekonomi talks about expats discussing life in Indonesia. The blogger does not agree with some of the views the expats have but at the end of the post, the blogger asks everyone “Meanwhile, lighten up. It's Friday after all.”

Indonesia: One Day without TV

  23 July 2006

Can we live a day without TV? Many Indonesian bloggers almost simultaneously posted a piece about a day without television to commemorate National Children Day on July 23. Many of them are worried about the quality of Indonesian tv programs which they see as a threat to the children creativity...

Indonesia: Merapi Fan

  20 July 2006

Asri talks about her love for Mount Merapi. Merapi located in Central Java, Indonesia is one of the most active volcano on the planet. The bloggers shares night time pictures of the volcano.

Indonesia: Tsunami Alarm

  19 July 2006

The blogger at Indonesia's Economy Blog does not agree with the Science and Technology minister . The minister claims that giving warning tsunami warnings on radio is a bad idea. UPDATE: Apparantly, the minister was misquoted. Pls check the comments on this post.

Israel condemnation and the Cause of War and Conflicts

  17 July 2006

Many Indonesian bloggers respond to the current brutal and terror act against civilians in Palestine and Lebanon with disgust and condemnation. Indra Pramanawho is very concerned about the current escalation of tension in the middle-east, especially the use of excessive force by Israelis against civilians in Palestinian territory and Lebanon,...

Indonesia: Tsunami Updates

  17 July 2006

Angelo Embuldeniya at worldwidehelp blog is monitoring the latest Indonesian tsunami news. “According to sources on the ground, a local tsunami measuring 2m in height hit a West Java resort where 5 people are confirmed to have died and officials have stated that the threat of the tsunami being widespread...

Indonesia: Tsunami

  17 July 2006

Crisismesh blog is reporting on the Tsunami in Indonesia caused by an eartquake in Indian Ocean. The blogger at WideImaginations feels the quake in Jakarta.

Indonesia: Indonesian Jimi Hendrix

  10 July 2006

The blogger at When in Doubt, Blame the Traffic introduces the Indonesian Jimi Hendrix. “A lifelong disciple of Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn, Gugun's setlist consists primarily of note for note versions of Jimi and SRV tunes, together with a vocal performance that is on par with the originals. An...

Indonesia: Foreign Correspondents in Asia

  10 July 2006

Unspun in Jakarta is talking about large US papers cutting back on foreign bureau. The blogger wonders if this would mean more opportunities for local freelancers. Unspun also posts the views of a foreign correspondent who thinks otherwise.

Indonesia: Back to 1945 Constitution

  7 July 2006

Martin Manurang disagrees with Indonesian elites who want to go back to the original 1945 constitution. “The reality and challenges for Indonesia in 2006 are not the same as they were in 1945. Of course, there are still much to do to make the current amended constitution more perfect, but...

Indonesia: Defence Minister's Blog

  5 July 2006

Unspun is glad that the Indonesia's defence minister's blog is attracting global attention. The blogger links to couple of international blogs that are talking about the minister's blog. “At any rate I am glad that Juwono, if nothing else, is helping through his blog to help dispel an image that...