· June, 2006

Stories about Indonesia from June, 2006

Indonesia Growing Good Blogs, Hatemails and Asia Blog Awards

  23 June 2006

Indonesia blogosphere this last two years has witnessed the growing and heartening development of good blogging and quality bloggers to cheer about. This, for most reason, due to the emergence of some Indonesian intellectuals, writers and journalists who start showing their interests to blog. I have some of good bloggers...

Indonesia: World Cup Fever & Minister Blog

  16 June 2006

Despite Indonesia never reaches final round of Football/Soccer World Cup post-1945 of its independence, soccer has always been the most favorite sports ever in the country. So, no wonder then if majority of Indonesian bloggers give one or two postings dedicated to the biggest event on earth now being held...

The Global Voices Show #2

  10 June 2006

Episode #2 of the Global Voices Show has landed! In this edition we feature excerpts from the following podcasts: XiaoQiao (Singapore) Africa Files: The Pulse (Canada/South Africa) BahasaPod (Indonesia) Kazakhstan Stories (Kazakhstan) Free Talk with Oon Yeoh (Malaysia) JameedKast (Jordan) The Kamla Bhatt Show (India) Radio Open Source (USA/Serbia &...

Indonesia: Warning to Radical Groups

  9 June 2006

Indonesian blogger Marting Manurun in his post titled Radicals, beware! points to an announcement by Indonesian government that warns radical groups that the government would take serious actions against them. Martin asks “Now, with all the rhetoric, will the government finally face them strictly? Don’t think of making ‘special laws’,...

Playboy Indonesia and Two Contradictory Opinion

  8 June 2006

There are two interesting contradictory responses regarding the second edition of Playboy Indonesia which was released from its new office in Bali. Budi Putra thinks that the second issue is “skinner”: The edition, which hit newsstands across the country on Wednesday, offers bolder content than the first. The first issue...

Indonesia: Playboy Indonesia Tame

  8 June 2006

Indcoup in Jakarta find the latest issue of Indonesian Playboy rather tame and figures out an alternative “adults” magazine that is doing well in Indonesia. Since its introduction, Playboy has seen protests by various groups trying to close it down.

Indonesia: Playboy Indonesia

  7 June 2006

Paras Indonesia blog is asking the legislators upset over the Indonesian edition of Playboy magazine why they are not troubled by pirated pornographic DVDs and child trafficking . “The legislators who whine about Playboy have never bothered making an official visit to Glodok, West Jakarta, to observe the city’s main...

Indonesia: Quake Relief

  2 June 2006

Unspun is looking into media and first hand reports and trying to figure out if the Indonesian government is doing a good job in handling the quake crisis.

Indonesia: Fruits

  1 June 2006

IndoIan has a post describing some of the tropical fruits in Indonesia.