· April, 2006

Stories about Indonesia from April, 2006

Indonesian Playboy

  26 April 2006

Two colleagues are in a reflexology place enjoying their massage. A stranger joins in and starts small talk with them. The fun starts when the Indonesian Playboy magazine issue comes up.

In love with the little prince

  25 April 2006

Asri tells us why she likes Antoine de Saint-Exupery's book The Little Prince. The author's simple style has Asri smitten and has a lesson for her own writing style.

Volcano nears eruption

  20 April 2006

Indcoup is watching the news on the possible eruption of Mount Merapi, the most active volcano in Indonesia. People living in the area are getting ready to evacuate.

China's growth model a challenge to US influence

  19 April 2006

Many developing countries are now looking at China's model of state guided growth favourably compared to the US one of minimum intervention. Indonesian blogger Martin Manurang asks if the success of Chinese economic policies will help reduce American influence in the world.

Indonesia vs. China

  14 April 2006

Sarapan Ekonomi argues that Indonesia's acheivements in economic growth and family planning are not too bad when compared to those of China's.

Opposition to Indonesian Playboy magazine

  7 April 2006

Yosef Ardi of Indonesia Today calls the first issue of the Indonesian edition of Playboy magazine a “smashing success” despite insistence by some quarters that it is pornographic because it is Playboy. Indonesia Matters agrees that the opposition from “predictable quarters” is not necessarily because of the magazine's content (no...


  6 April 2006

A pedicab is a bicycle with a sidecar. It is a popular public transport in many Southeast Asian countries, including the Philippines and Indonesia. Sarapan Ekonomi has a photo.

House of worship law

  6 April 2006

Per the latest revisions in the law, for purposes of establishing a house of worship, religious congregations are now required to have a minimum of 90 members. They must also secure the prior approval of the government and the residents of the area where the house of worship is to...

Indonesian links

  5 April 2006

Indonesian tech blogs Daily babblings! and Enda Quicklinks have links to an article on online identity and anonymity, a blog on parenting and fashion and a blog where you can calculate how much you've spent on cigarettes from the day you started smoking.