· March, 2006

Stories about Indonesia from March, 2006

Indonesia: People are leaving

  30 March 2006

Sarapan Ekonomi notices that many people are leaving Indonesia citing the map provided by Worldmapper and commenting that net emigration is common in poor or developing countries, where the poor are leaving in search of a better life.

Dangdut music and dance in Singapore and all about Home

  29 March 2006

Singapore is a good place to explore cultures from all over South East Asia. The blogger at licencetospill took some of her friends to a Dangdut club. Dangdut is a form of music from Indonesia. The blogger explains the main difference between a DD song and any other indonesian song...

Indonesia: the military's business empire

  28 March 2006

Indonesia Today says the armed forces is so powerful that it has amassed its own business empire that include interests in luxury hotels, golf courses and commercial banks. The military has promised to divest itself of such interests. The sale of its share in one of these banks is valued...

The Magic of Food: A Global Edible Review

  26 March 2006

#1: From the UK, Blog Jam The traditional pickled pig's feet dish is one of our favorites. Of course you may have at least a dozen good excuses why you "think" you don't like them. Just forget for a moment where they come from, send to the back burner of...

Indonesia: Tolerance for Terror

23 March 2006

Sarapan Ekonomi worries about a recent survey result that indicate 11% of Indonesians – or 24.2 million people – think terrorist attacks are OK.

Indonesia: Against the Progressive Tax

  21 March 2006

Nearing tax reporting date in Indonesia, Cafe Salemba decries the progressive income tax. “In addition to being the cruelest income cutter, progressive tax is also the meanest disincentive to work hard(er).” He starts a discussion with his co-group blogger, another economist.

Indonesia: Potemkin Harvest

  17 March 2006

Sarapan Ekonomi comments on local farmers on Buru Island being prevented from harvesting their rice until the President of Indonesia shows up for “Great Harvest Day.”

Indonesia: Warnings for Women

  14 March 2006

Noting that more and more women are starting to smoke, Indonesia Anonymus suggests some alternative warning labels that could scare off as many women as men.

Indonesia: Rice's Visit

  10 March 2006

Yosef Ardi explains what lies in wait for U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice when she makes her first official visit to Indonesia. In particular, he talks about the possibilities of Indonesia tilting more toward China.

Indonesia: Fewer Tycoons

  10 March 2006

Jakartass comments on the drop in the number of Indonesian billionaires on Forbes’ magazine's list of the world's 50 richest individuals: from ten in 1996 to two a decade later. “You've got to feel sorry for them.”

Indonesia: Experiment on Superstition

9 March 2006

Indonesia Anonymus conducts another one of their social experiments: this time they try to see whether superstition has a hold on urban office workers.

Indonesia: Investment Ironies

  8 March 2006

Yosef Ardi points out that Indonesia's government makes it difficult for foreign investors (but not creditors) to do business in the country. “If we couldn't trust foreign investors (FDI) and the government who invited them in the first place can't protect their existence, why the cabinet should waste their time...

Malaysia: Absence of Choice

  8 March 2006

Mack Zulkifli at Brand New Malaysian writes about the irony of politicians and bureaucrats telling those hit by recent fuel price increases to “change their lifestyles.” Many politicos have drivers and government cars to ferry them around. “These people do not have to change their lifestyles. They can afford not...

Indonesia: Football Sponsorship

  6 March 2006

Yosef Ardi has been following the efforts of Putera Sampoerna, a local tycoon who made his money off cigarettes, to place the logo of his new online gambling venture Mansion on the backs of English team Manchester United.

Indonesia: Oil Concession

  2 March 2006

Yosef Ardi updates us on the struggle between ExxonMobil and Indonesian state oil company Pertamina over rights to operate the Cepu oil and gas field. He fills in some juicy rumors, including on the Indonesian President's discomfort with the involvement of major government party machine Golkar bigwigs in the battle.