· January, 2006

Stories about Indonesia from January, 2006

Indonesia: Deaf Driving

31 January 2006

Indonesia Anonymous becomes curious about what effects the loud noise Indonesia's motorcycle rickshaws, a.k.a. “bajaj,” have on their drivers. It's called “noise-induced hearing loss.”

Indonesia: Property Rights

30 January 2006

Aco at Cafe Salemba discusses property rights as a way to comment on the current controversy in Indonesia over a local version of Playboy. The economist-blogger suggests that the magazine's opponents, rather than demonstrating, apply an economic solution: buy the magazine, and then burn it.

Indonesia is discussing about blog

  30 January 2006

Discussion about Indonesian Blogs, attended by about 20 bloggers, only a fraction of the total estimated 10,000 Indonesian bloggers, the discussion take placed at Detikinet's office

The Year of the Dog Comes to the Rest of East Asia

  29 January 2006

“Da Hong Deng Long” (Big Red Lantern) by Yining Zhang Blogs all around East and Southeast Asia have gone grey this past weekend as many, particularly those in the overseas Chinese community, celebrate the Lunar New Year. As part of Global Voices Online's continuing celebration of the arrival of the...

Indonesia: Inner Circle

27 January 2006

Yosef Ardi begins a promising series of posts profiling the inner circle of Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, beginning with “SBY”‘s seven official spokespersons.

Indonesia: Off Air

  25 January 2006

Jakartass comments on Indonesia's new broadcast law, which bans local radio stations “relay”-ing foreign news programs. “I cannot determine the reasoning behind the new Broadcast Law, although I suspect that it may be an attempt by the Suhartoist élite to hang on to their ill-gotten gains,” he writes. “If so,...

Indonesia: Meaning of Peace

25 January 2006

I'm Your Huckleberry describes what “peace” means in the restive Indonesian region of Aceh: 24-hour city transportation (so no more curfews), people returning to work the paddies and coffeeshops open again until late at night.

Indonesia: Removing Bad Air

23 January 2006

The Lucretius Plan catches malaria on the island of Flores, Indonesia. Finding little by way of Western medicine, he goes to a local healer who massages him to release the bad wind.

Indonesia: Lobby List

18 January 2006

Yosef Ardi imagines the wish list of U.S. business lobbyists currently visiting Indonesia, beginning with No. 1: “Boeing: Sell more airplanes to beat Airbus.”

Indonesia: All Mixed Up

17 January 2006

iSSueZ, a Friendster blog by a young Indonesian filmmaker, writes: “Whether we like it or not, we are not just Indonesians anymore. We’re a hybrid nation. We are the result of information that has trickled into our brains without our realization. And due to that, we express ourselves now in...

Indonesia: Cleaning Up the President's Aura

13 January 2006

From Yosef Ardi: in the wake of the tsunami and the bird flu, Indonesia's President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono needs his aura cleansed (a second time) in a ritual to expunge his bad luck and the country's miseries.

Indonesia: Bomb in Sulawesi

2 January 2006

On the heels of a bomb explosion outside a store selling pork meat in Central Sulawesi, Dog Pundit discusses the latest development in troubled Muslim-Christian relations on the Indonesian island.

Indonesia: Jakartass’ Blog Awards

2 January 2006

Jakartass lists the Indonesian blogs he likes: “The newly gained democratic right of one man – one (secret) vote, coupled with access to free hosting of personal websites and reasonably user-friendly editing tools has encouraged Indonesians to begin to express and share their concerns.”