· December, 2005

Stories about Indonesia from December, 2005

Indonesia: Economists’ Blog

29 December 2005

Cafe Salemba is a group blog written by Indonesian economists, one in Jakarta and three studying in the U.S. Recently, they've been writing about subsidies: for education and for art.

Indonesia: One Year After the Tsunami

26 December 2005

Indonesia Today by Yosef Ardi updates the progress in the two Indonesian regions most affected by 2005's tsunami: the province of Aceh and the islands of Nias. “One year later, around 100,000 people in Aceh and Nias alone, still live in unacceptable conditions and with minimal access to job opportunities.”

Indonesia: Aceh Blog

23 December 2005

I'm Your Huckleberry is a blog in English and Indonesian by a native of Indonesia's rebellious province of Aceh. He's working there for the U.N.D.P. and writes, in one post, “If this success, we can do more for this region, my home land, home of the rebel. Hopefully!”

Indonesia: Going Nuclear

14 December 2005

Indonesia is going nuclear! Well, not that way — read about Indonesia's first nuclear power plant at Indonesia Today by Yosef Ardi.

Indonesia: New Provinces

5 December 2005

In the restless Indonesian province of Aceh, apparently two new provinces have been declared — and not by the government. See Indonesia Today by Yosef Ardi for details.

Indonesia: Unsafe in Jakarta

2 December 2005

Indonesia Anonymus responds to a British reader, who feels fairly secure in the Indonesian capital, to explain why they don't feel safe in Jakarta.