· September, 2005

Stories about Indonesia from September, 2005

Indonesian Blogs: Oil, protests, and bird flu

  29 September 2005

Fuel hike, demonstrations and heavy traffic jams: The government is planning to raise fuel prices on this Saturday, 1st October to address the budget deficit, and already Indonesia has seen demonstrations against the hike in the streets of Jakarta. Sporadic protests against a price increase have been launched across Indonesia...

Indonesia: Film director-turned-blogger

22 September 2005

Via Jakartass, and described by blogger-directory-compiler A. Faith Syuhud as “a young talented-ambitious-energetic film director”, Joko Anwar presents a multi-faceted blog, Lost in Punch-Drunk Adaptation of a Spotless Love.

From the Indonesian Blogosphere

  17 September 2005

Two tonnes of durian: At the start of last week, September 5th, more than 100 people died after an Indonesian Boeing own by a small airlines, Mandala Airlines failed to take off and crashed into residential area in Medan, the capital of North Sumatra province and the third biggest city...

Indonesia: Tsunami slideshow

  15 September 2005

Tony Demark has built a del.icio.us-tagged slideshow which allows you to toggle between Before and After shots of the tsunami as it hit Banda Aceh and Sri Lanka's Kalutara Beach. The Digital Globe images aren't new, but this shocking presentation makes sure we don't forget, and links to donation sites...

Indonesia: Munir Trial

9 September 2005

Jakartass calls on Indonesia to take more seriously the investigation and trial of human-rights activist Munir's murderer.

Indonesia: Haze law suit

  5 September 2005

Indonesia Environment Forum (Walhi), a leading Indonesian NGO, is set to file a class action lawsuit against 10 companies in connection with the August forest fires and choking haze in Riau, Sumatra. Eight of the companies are said to be Malaysian-owned.

Indonesia: Katrina Hurricane

  5 September 2005

Indonesian blogger A. Fatih Syuhud appeals for alms for Americans affected by Katrina Hurricane. Singapore blogger Yuhui wonders if life will return toNew Orleans to the same level of its Mardi Gras-inspired madness.

Indonesia: Swapping lives

  1 September 2005

Dewi, a 23-year old from Jogjakarta from Central Java, will swap life with Violet, a 19-year old from Sydney for 10 weeks. Violet explored issues ranging from sexuality to the rise of terrorism, besides testing the perception that Muslims are dangerous and unpredictable people. Simultaneously, Dewi documents in Sydney the...

Malaysia: Gagging airwaves & cyberspace

  1 September 2005

Malaysia is gaining harsh perception over its governance of the airwaves and cyberspace. Indonesia-based blogger Indcoup links to a story on Malaysia's newly launched crackdown on porn stored on mobile phones – police are authorised to carry out random spot checks to catch culprits. Quoting Anonymous Blogging, he says Malaysia...

Indonesia: “Dollarization”

1 September 2005

American economist, Steven Hanke of Johns Hopkins University, has a harsh prescription to cure Indonesia's economic woes: “The only way Indonesia can stabilize the currency is to take all discretion away from the Bank Indonesia… it has no credibility whatsoever.” He wants the “dollarization of Indonesia” to take over.