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Stories about China from January, 2011

Hong Kong: Remembering Szeto Wah

  7 January 2011

Hong Kong democracy icon Szeto Wah passed away on 2 January 2011, aged 79. Eddie Cheng, author of the book Standoff at Tiananmen, reviews the life of the democracy advocate. He also translates exerpts of an interview that Hong Kong newspaper Ming Pao conducted with Szeto Wah last October. The...

First Chinese sex-negative website launched

  6 January 2011

Jing Gao from the Ministry of Tufu reports on the launching of a non-governmental website haongo.com which campaigns against eroticism as well as extramarital sex, homosexuality and masturbation.

Criticism needed in a rising China

  6 January 2011

C. Custer from ChinaGeek publishes an opinion post, “Criticism needed in a rising China”, written by Eric Fish. The article, commenting on Global Times’ earlier editorial “China will endure more criticism”, was rejected by their editors.

China: Brutal Eviction

  6 January 2011

The photo circulated among Sina microbloggers shows how the developer damaged the building structure in order to force the residents on the 6th floor to move out.

China: Politics of the surrounding gaze

  5 January 2011

Xiao Mi from the China Media Project interviewed Hu Yong on the Chinese online culture of “surrounding gaze”, who explains why netizens believe that they can change the world by the collective action of gaze.

China: Whistleblower detained in mental home for 14 years

  5 January 2011

Jing Gao from Ministry of Tofu summarizes a report from Tianya forum written by Guo Hanyun, who claims that her father Guo Yuanrong, a cadre at the Bureau of Construction in Zhuxi County of Shiyan, Hubei, has been locked up in Shiyan Mental Hospital for 14 years for blowing the...

China: Voila! RMB 77 rent per month

  4 January 2011

To express the CCP's caring for the livelihood of ordinary people, the CCTV network news broadcast featured President Hu Jintao's visit to several low-income families in Beijing on December 30, 2010. However the conversation between President Hu and Guo Chunping, the supposed representative of the low-income residents, has sparked off a new round of netizen uproar.

China: Application to join the CCP

  4 January 2011

Jing Gao from Ministry of Tofu translates the lyrics of a music video on application to join the Chinese Communist Party as well as some netizens comment on the video.

Hong Kong: Chinese patriot Szeto Wah passes away

  3 January 2011

Zhongnanhai reviews the biography of Szeto Wah, a Chinese patriot who had passed away yesterday in Hong Kong. The 79-year-old Mr. Szeto was the founder of several significant social and political organizations in Hong Kong and had devoted his life for the vindication of June 4th Incident and the democratic...

China: Rejected disabled passenger demanded compensation

  3 January 2011

Annie Lee from China Hush translates a news story from CN Reviews on a dispute between a disabled passenger, Zheng Wei Ning, who is member of Shenzhen CPPCC Standing Committee and the Shenzhen Airline. Zheng declared to have hired attorney team to file public interest litigation against Shenzhen Airline and...

China: Latest Story Behind the Li Gang Case

  1 January 2011

C Custer from China Geek has been following up “My Father is Li Gang” incident by translating local reporter Wang Keqin's investigation. Part I: Chen Family Forced to Drop Suit, Part II: Family Goes Silent, Legal Rumblings and Part III: “A Sleepless Night in Xiaofeng’s Home”.

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