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Stories about China from January, 2011

China: Glenn Beck takes aim at China

  20 January 2011

In case you missed it, Glenn Beck on Hu Jintao's US visit: Burger King kids meals are a Chinese plot for world domination, and so was Leonardo da Vinci. Turns out, it doesn't add up quite so neatly. Next week: the Chinese run Opus Dei, too.

China: Police and Japanese porn star

  19 January 2011

Many regional police departments have launched their micro-blogs at Sina for promoting their image and public relations. Recently netizens found out that Xigang Branch Office of Dalian Police Department has only followed one user – Sora Aoi, a popular Japanese porn star in China. See Ministry of Tofu for their...

China: 2010 housing demolition report

  19 January 2011

C Custer from ChinaGeek has translated a housing demolition report 2010 (part one and part two) that has been banned from publishing in mainland Chinese mainstream media outlets.

China: Presidents Hu and Obama set to talk

  18 January 2011

Chinese President Hu Jintao arrives in Washington, DC today for face time with President Obama. How would you start off a dinner like that? And currency revaluation? One Chinese blogger suggests the renminbi is already worth more than you might think.

China: No more award and prize!

  17 January 2011

It is clear that the Chinese government is not happy about the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize. However, it is beyond normal people's imagination that the propaganda machine would turn its resentment into the censorship of the terms "award" and "prize".

China: Social media for social change

  13 January 2011

It would be innocent to think that social media can lead to revolutionary changes in China, but we should not underestimate the potential of micro-power for social progress, China media expert Hu Yong comments.

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