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Stories about China from March, 2010

China: Verdict postponed in Fujian netizen trial

  19 March 2010

A verdict expected this morning in a case which has seen three netizens in Fujian province held in custody for nine months was quickly postponed pending yet further investigation. Following the decision, locals gathered outside the courthouse had minor scuffles with police while netizens having traveled there from around the country reported.

China: Confession of a ‘Second Generation Migrant Worker’

  18 March 2010

China’s hukou system, adopted in 1958 to control population movement, has long been criticized for tying the population to their place of origin. With the mass migration of rural workers to China’s cities and coastal regions, the system is under the spotlight. One blogger airs his grievances.

China: The first case of naked government

  18 March 2010

China Hush translated a local news story about a village government in Sichuan publicizing all of its expenses in detailed records in January of this year. Chinese netizens called it “the first case of naked government”.

China: Various aspects of censorship

  17 March 2010

March 12 was the World Day Against Cyber Censorship and Reporters Without Borders announced its latest list of "Enemies of the Internet," which points a finger at China, among other authoritarian states.

China and Hong Kong: Police and media

  16 March 2010

ESWN translated mainland blogger Yang Hengjun's eye witness report on the protest outside the China liaison office in March 13, 2010. Yang criticized the excessive police force and the self-censored practice of local media in Hong Kong.

China: Debating hukou reform

  15 March 2010

Earlier this month, 13 Chinese newspapers appealed to the National People's Congress' 3,000 delegates for social reforms. They attacked China's hukou (household registration system), which severely limits the access of rural migrant workers to basic services in China’s metropolises.

China: Journalists unite to demand governor's resignation

  13 March 2010

Following the incident last week in which Hubei province governor Li Hongzhong berated a reporter and confiscated her recording equipment, growing demand for an apology and Li's subsequent refusal have led academics and media workers to petition for his resignation. Also up: mouthpiece media and reporting privilege.

China: GFW history

  13 March 2010

Damon from interlocals.net posts a video on the history of China's Great Firewall – a filter that covers the whole country and filters and blocks away illegal and politically sensitive content.

The Chinese Communist Party in Hong Kong

  12 March 2010

Big Lychee writes a book review on Underground Front – The Chinese Communist Party in Hong Kong. The book is written by former legislator Christine Loh on the history of the Chinese Communist Party's underground network in Hong Kong.

Against Cyber-Censorship – Voices in Hindi

  11 March 2010

On the occasion of the World Day Against Cyber Censorship, netizens across the world are realizing that even in this age internet is not free from restrictions on freedom of expression. In this post, Hindi bloggers reflect on press freedom from different angles.

China and the U.S: Obama's China strategy

  11 March 2010

China Matters has a commentary on China and the U.S relation. While China offers economic partnership and cash, Obama government isolates China in issues like Copenhagen climate summit, non-proliferation, Iran sanctions and RMB valuation

China: Zola's English blog

  10 March 2010

Well known citizen reporter Zhou Shuguang starts to blog in English as he wants to be more international. Here is his first post.

China: Do Chinese people live with dignity?

  10 March 2010

China’s top leader has made a historic statement regarding human rights and human dignity which has posed both doubts and meaningful questions. During this year's Spring Festival, China's Premier Wen Jiabao made the unusually phrased statement that his government vowed to "make Chinese people more dignified".

China: The First Chinese Novel on Twitter?

  10 March 2010

Lian Yue, an ex-teacher and ex-procurator and now a famous blogger and political commentator in China, announced on his blog that he is starting a novel, entitled 2020, on twitter this month. According to the blog, the novel will last until 2020.

China: Left critique of liberal calls for hukou reform

  9 March 2010

On March 1, 13 major newspapers issued a joint call to the NPC & CPPCC to reform the hukou (household registration) system. The Chinese leftist, however, considered the real intention of the call is the privatization of rural farmland. More from The China Study Group.

China: New Regulation Proposed For Internet Cafes

  8 March 2010

A member of the National People’s Congress suggested quick legislative action Mar. 6 on a resolution that would close Chinese internet cafes between midnight and 8 a.m. People’s Representative Gao Wanneng called for a “zero-hour cutoff” for internet cafes due to long-term internet addition in Chinese youth.  Gao said such...

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