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Stories about China from July, 2009

China: Open Constitution Initiative has stopped operating

  17 July 2009

Xu Zhiyong is a well-known rights lawyer. The Open Constitution Initiative (公盟) is a non-profit NGO established by Xu: they received a notice from the taxation bureau on July 14 asking for 1.42 million yuan in fines and profits received from donations, including from Yale University. (Via Danwei)

China: When a gang rape scandal turns into state secrets…

  17 July 2009

Yesterday (July 16) in early morning, twitterer amoiist sent out a mobile message to twitter saying: “I have been arrested by Mawei police, SOS.” And the second message is: “Pls help me, I grasp the phone during police sleep”. Since then, there isn't any update in his twitter. Netizens arrested...

China: Fresh tensions in Xinjiang

  16 July 2009

James Leibold from the China Beats points out that both the Western and Chinese media have failed to explain the tensions happening in Xinjiang that lead to massive killing as the tensions are new.

China: Netizens starving, no more rice talk!

  15 July 2009

Since July 8, the Chinese rival of Twitter, Fanfou has been suspended. Up till now, Fanfou's founder Wang Xing has only clarified that the website's “maintenance” has nothing to do with Internet content provider (ICP) license. As the date of its suspension is soon after the Xinjiang riot and Fanfou.com...

China: Call for tough response and resent of biased media

  10 July 2009

With the presence of thousands of armed police, Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang province, has largely restored order and people are returning to their normal life. The violence that has led to 156 death in past a few days seemed to be gone, but the images of the brutal killings...

China and North Korea: Kim is like Chairman Mao?

  8 July 2009

On 4 July, the United States’ National Day, North Korea has launched seven missiles tests again and some of them were medium-range rockets that pose threat to Japan and South Korea. While Kim Jong Il has been portrayed as a crazy and authoritarian figure, Chinese netizens are eager to compare...

China: Omitting the Uyghur grievances

  8 July 2009

Will from imagethief pointed out that in order to solve the ethnic conflict, it is necessary for the Chinese government to reflect upon a national myth-making apparatus that allows no room whatsoever for the acknowledgment of Uighur grievances.

Taiwan: Bloggers comment on Xinjiang protests

  7 July 2009

Taiwan bloggers have responded to the massacre in Xinjiang with concern. Lao Ren Cha writes that her own experience of the people of Xinjiang is that they are unfairly portrayed as terrorists. The Far-Eastern Sweet Potato says the Ma government's lack of response to the event in Xinjiang is disturbing.

China: Urumqi mass incident and beyond

  6 July 2009

According to Xinhua latest report (July 6), the violence in Urumqi, capital of northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, has led to at least 140 people dead and 828 injured. The regional government said that the mass incident was masterminded by the World Uyghur Congress. However, Uyghur independent activist explained...

The Uyghurs: Persecuted Muslim Minority in NorthWest China

  3 July 2009

Today we take a look at the situation faced by the Uyghur people, a Muslim minority in the Xinjiang region of China, where their culture is being obliterated by the central Chinese government, first because they were deemed separatists and now, after the September 11 attacks to the USA, also as terrorists.

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