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Stories about China from December, 2008

Russia, China: Slang Dictionary

  14 December 2008

IZO links to LJ user du-jingli (RUS), who has scanned four pages from the 916-page Russian-Chinese Slang Dictionary and has so far received nearly 500 comments. (Warning: the post contains obscenities, in Russian and in Chinese.)

China and France: Boycott of French Goods

  10 December 2008

On December 1, an article appeared in China.com urging a nationwide boycott against French product in order to protest against the meeting between French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Dalai Lama. The post advised consumers not to buy about 50 French brands, including cars, clothes, alcohol and skin-care products. Commentaries from...

China: Protestors and petitioners penned up into madhouse

  8 December 2008

It is a story about petitioning, protest and madhouse. Reading the story, I am almost drowned by a sense of desperation infused in what Mr. Sun has gone through all these years, but also very much touched by Mr. Shi’s courage to expose such a scandal to public. I know, this would be a story worth record, and translation.

China: Political Science Professor Denounced By Students

  8 December 2008

ESWN collects and translates local newspapers commentaries about two of his students reporting to the city's public security bureau and education committee, accusing a political science professor of making counter-revolutionary comments during a lecture.

China: Traci Lords at Hong Kong Movie

  8 December 2008

Human Flesh search engine from mainland China managed to dig up the details of an adult movie appeared at one of Stephen Chow's popular movie. The female figure is Traci Lords. See ESWN for details.

Taiwan: President out of mind?

  4 December 2008

Social activist Wobblies says on his twitter(zh): “Knowing that Ma refused Dalai Lama's visit to Taiwan, I began to think that my father's friend is correct. He said that this President is either a body double, or is just kidnapped by someone. Or whatelse can there be such an idiot...

China: AIDS blogger Li-xiang's unextraordinary life

  1 December 2008

Now about 30, he contracted AIDS in a blood donation when he was only a high school student. He started blogging in 2005, writing about his life, ideas, and occasionally HIV treatment. He loves beautiful girls, and has a girlfriend. He is now more a social worker than merely a patient, and always inspires his fellow patients with a light heart. But there are no less depression, desperation, and people's indifference, even open insult left on his blog. This is Li-xiang, an AIDS blogger.

Taiwan: Flawed advice from abroad

  1 December 2008

Michael Turton analyses some views of Taiwan from the US establishment. The Far-Eastern Sweet Potato criticises the advice of the European Chamber of Commerce Taipei.

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