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Stories about China from March, 2008

China: Bloggers declare war on Western media's Tibet coverage

  24 March 2008

Once the news of Tibetans slicing children's ears off and burning people alive sunk in, Chinese netizens worldwide seized onto initial misreported details from the situation in Tibet and don't seem willing to let this one go. In fact, they've declared cyberwar on major western media outlets, and anti-CNN.com is campaign headquarters.

India: Between Tibet and China

  22 March 2008

Over the past few day the focus of the international community is on Tibet and Chinese Government's handling of the uprising, but over in India there has been quite a bit of debate over China's actions in Tibet and the role of Tibet in India-China relationship. What should India's stand...

China: Civilians in violence and conflict

  21 March 2008

Thugs vs. Peacekeepers or Fighters vs. oppressors; Mob vs. Protectors or Martyrs vs. killers? Before I could judge, please allow me to present some recounts of the Tibet unrest from the commons there. (As most western media had sided with Tibetans, I basically pick quotes from common Hans for balance.)

Korea: Independence Movements in Tibet and in Korea

  20 March 2008

As groups in other countries support Tibetans’ rage and criticize the violence of the Chinese government, Korean netizens are also busy making signature-seeking-campaigns or boycotting the Beijing Olympics. The participants who express their opinions on the internet and put their names on the campaigns are more and more. The reasons...

China: More Olympics?

  20 March 2008

Josie Liu blogs the discussion at the CPPCC about biding for more Olympics in other China cities [zh].

China: Spam

  20 March 2008

It has been found out that 100% mobile users in China have been disturbed by spam messages, Liu Xiaoyuan pointed out that the government should take up the responsibility to protect people's privacy [zh].

China: Black Days for the Dalai Lama

  19 March 2008

China matters gave more background to the Lhasa uprising and showed that the Dalai Lama, a moderate spiritual leader, has been marginalized both by the Chinese government conspiracy and hard hand approach.

China: Patriotism triggered, though under censorship

  19 March 2008

A brief record of the Chinese public opinion on Tibet unrest. Attention: they are all found inside the Great Firewall. But I believe they stand for a considerable part of us Chinese. Their information sources on which they judge and think might be filtered, but don’t laugh at that---- before the time tells what’s true, you might also be manipulated!

Environment: Beijing's Green Olympics

  19 March 2008

From the blog Its Getting Hot in here, we get an answer by a Chinese Professor to the following question on Bejing’s Green Olympics: “What will it take to keep Beijing on the right track once they have finished preparing for the Olympics and the international community is no longer...

Environment: China's Challenges from pollution to severe storms

  19 March 2008

Dale Wen, writing on China Dialogue looks at the myth that high income lifestyles in the west come with a clean environment; noting that China needs to rethink its development model The (impossible) American dream: “Exporting pollution” In the past few decades the environmental movement has achieved a number of...

China: Chaotic Democracy?

  18 March 2008

Yanghengjun pointed out that the mainstream media always describe democratic election in other countries as “chaos” and laughed about it; however, they have neglected the country's own “chaos” and often time “violence” [zh].

Japan: Support for Tibet

  17 March 2008

As fires rage on in the streets of Lhasa, bloggers in another part of the world have been anxiously following developments in Tibet with open eyes and open ears. Over the weekend, as mainstream media in Japan presented what many criticized as toned-down coverage of ongoing events in Lhasa, the word "Tibet" climbed to number one on Japanese blog search engines with thousands of entries largely in support of the uprising.

Did the Philippine President Commit Treason?

  17 March 2008

Philippine President Gloria Arroyo is accused by her critics of approving an anomalous transaction involving the Chinese firm ZTE. But there is a new allegation that the president is guilty of treason as well.

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