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Stories about China from October, 2007

Hong Kong: China's Olympic Opportunity

  26 October 2007

Legislative Councilor Martin Lee was accused of inviting interference from U.S to China. ESWN brings together Martin Lee's article from the Wall Street Journal, member of Executive Council Tsang Yok-sing's criticism on Martin Lee and local newspapers report on the issue.

China: Reporting Moon Orbiter

  25 October 2007

Rose Lu from my1510 compares the various arrangement for reporting on China space travel (zh). Yesterday, most of the reporters managed to witness the Chang'e-1, the first China's moon orbiter, blasting out to the space, even though they have to enter the Xichang Satellite Launch Center as tourists.

China: Affirmative Action for Rural Students

  25 October 2007

Xueyong suggests that universities in China should adopt the policy of affirmative action for rural students (zh). At present, among the top rank universities, only 20% of the students comes from rural area, although rural population is consisted of more than half of the whole population. As education is a...

China: Collective Labour Arbitration

  25 October 2007

Fons from China Herald brings up into the attention of the drafting of labour arbitration law. One missing element is the collective labour arbitration process.

China: Same Life Same Price

  24 October 2007

In China, if a rural peasant got killed in a traffic accident, the compensation is likely to be much lower than those with a urban household registration. Recently, Liu Xiaoyuan won a case in Beijing for a “same life same price” compensation of a car accident which killed a rural...

China: More on DNS Hijacking

  23 October 2007

Rebecca from Rconversation tries to clarify what exactly had happened concerning the temporarily redirecting of western search engines to Baidu and government anti-porn site.

China: Heavy schooling fees and migrant workers

  23 October 2007

Yuan Guiren, Chinese Vice Education Minister, emphasized the equal education rights for the migrant workers’ children at the CPC press conference last Saturday. However, the tough reality makes some migrant parents worried if they can find an adequate school for their children next term.

China: Sex-Related Advertisements

  23 October 2007

Earlier in September, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television announced the ban on sex-related advertisements, however, sex-related advertisements are still running amok in China. ESWN translated an article from Southern Weekend to explain why.

China: Search Engine DNS Hijack

  22 October 2007

The issue about Baidu hijacking Google traffic remained a mystery. Although internet media Sohu has denied the accusation, they didn't provide an explanation to the redirection of traffic from western search engine to Baidu on Oct 18. William Long pointed out that rumour couldn't be stopped without explaination (zh).

China: Sentencing by Software

  22 October 2007

Chinese Law Prof blog has a story about a Wuhan Law professor's development of a software for determinating the appropriate sentence in criminal cases.

China and Japan: Dali Lama

  22 October 2007

Angry Chinese Blogger wonders how China would respond to Dali Lama's visit to Japan: China's two big hates set to come together.

China: Education

  22 October 2007

Li Yinhe compares the difference between Chinese and westerner's attitude toward education (zh). For westerner, education is to learn something, while for Chinese, education is the only path towards success.

China: Cop catches suspect using Google Earth

  21 October 2007

When border cops couldn't find one suspected human smuggler, blogs GSeeker's Ken Wong, they went knocking on the door of one local police officer who uses Google Earth to keep tabs on all local villagers.

Hong Kong: More about ‘External Manipulation’ in Hong Kong

  19 October 2007

ESWN has translated and put together reports and blog posts on the “external manipulation” in Hong Kong. Instead of asking whether there is effective manipulation, he looked into the question why would anyone (in this case the head of democratic party Martin Lee and Sin Chung-kai) meet with John Negroponte...

China: Should I Shut Up?

  19 October 2007

Liu Xiao-yuan wondered if he should shut up (zh) in his Sinablog after Sina has deleted 4 of his posts including 1. an article on the clapping culture of 17th Party Congress (via sohu); 2. an article on the pace of political reform (via sohu); 3. Sina's crazy delete policy;...

Taiwan: “Lust, Cautioin” and Debate on Patriotic traitor

  18 October 2007

As Ethan Hunt said in her blog (zh), Ang Lee's Lust, Caution aroused a debate on re-appraisal of the “patriotic traitors” during the anti-Japanese war (1937-1945) in Taiwan. The blogger has scanned a debate between two Taiwan scholars Lung Ying Tai and Wang Yongzu in her blog. Lung rereads the...

China: Deconstructing the White Rabbit Wrapper

  18 October 2007

Imagethief studied the design of White Rabbit wrapper in details. The description of “rows of zombie rabbits facing each other in mirror image” is particularly vivid. (P.S. White Rabbit is also my favorite candy)

China: 23 Years Chronology of Taihu

  18 October 2007

Taihu pollution has caught international attention. Taodax from V360 has composed a chronology of government's attempt in fighting against pollution (zh). However, the effort seems to have little effect in the past 23 years: there are more than a dozen cancer villages nearby the districts.

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