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Stories about China from November, 2005

China: Bothered by the BBC

14 November 2005

Worried that he'd be forced to focus on censorship & politics, Chinese blogger wangpei canceled an interview with the BBC on the Chinese bloggers’ conference, and feels thankful that he did. He emailed a friend in Dublin, who responded: “Overall, you need to realise that very few people in the...

China: Profiles in Courage

14 November 2005

On the often excellent We Observe the World, two profiles of different kinds of courage: a portrait of a migrant fruit seller and a muckraking news program.

China, Taiwan: Self-Criticism

  14 November 2005

EastSouthWestNorth explains why he covers China, Taiwan and Hong Kong the way he does — why he selects the stories he translates and posts and how he approaches each geopolitical entity. The View from Taiwan responds.

China: Yahoo's New Look

11 November 2005

Billy Qiu of HitHat Blog translates a post (Chinese) by keso evaluating Yahoo! China's new look-and-feel.

China: Another Blogger Sued

11 November 2005

EastSouthWestNorth posts a translated article on a lawsuit launched by a Nanjing professor against a blogger for alleged defamation.

China: Few Economists

10 November 2005

At Anti's English Blog, an interview with a Hong Kong-based professor Ding Xueliang bemoaning the dearth of qualified economists in China.

China: Beijing Bestsellers

9 November 2005

Danwei tells us what books are bestsellers in Beijing. At the moment, TV tie-ins are really popular.

China: Why So Friendly?

7 November 2005

Talk Talk China‘s post wondering why his Chinese hosts continue to offer him food even after he's sated has touched off lengthy discussions on hospitality, insincerity and cross-cultural misunderstandings.

China, Japan, Korea, India: Pan-Asian Sidenotes on Old Travelogues

  7 November 2005

Preetam Rai at betterdays took photos of the wry commentary penciled in the margins of an old travelogue written in the 1930s by an American traveler who visited China, Japan and Korea. Rai had bought the book in Bangalore bookshop. He observes: “The commentator was surely a proud pan-asianist. Pan-Asianism...

China: Blogger Conference Day1

5 November 2005

China's first ever bloggers conference has successfully finished day 1. Blogger Angelo Embuldeniya has taken all the live IRC English-language notes and screen grabs from the live Chinese videocast and put them on a special blog. (It will soon be on a wordpress blog here.)

The Upcoming Chinese Blogger Conference

4 November 2005

The Chinese Blogger Conference would be held from Nov.5 to 6. Chinese Bloggers are very enthusiastic at the first-ever meeting with their online friends. Many of them are already in Shanghai, where the conference located. They would discuss a wide range of issues such as Blog, Podcast and RSS etc....

China: Resident Classification Change

4 November 2005

East Asia Watch discusses changes to China's half-century old hukou household registration system, which tagged urban migrants from the provinces as “rural residents” and denied them privileges available to those born in the cities.

China: Chinese Intellectuals

3 November 2005

Chinese journalist Zhao Jing (Michael Anti) announces that he will begin posting English translations of Chinese intellectuals’ writings on his English blog.

China, Japan: After Yasukuni

  3 November 2005

At Angry Chinese Blogger, a thoughtful discussion, in light of news that Japan is finally considering an internationally acceptable war memorial to replace the war-criminal infested Yasukuni Shrine, about the choices facing both Japan and China.

Chinese blog shut down just days after being nominated for free expression contest

3 November 2005

Reporters Without Borders today condemned the censorship of pro-democracy writer Wang Yi’s blog, which was closed down just days after it was nominated for the “freedom of expression” category in a blog contest being organised by the German public radio station Deutsche Welle. The company that hosts the Tianya website...

Southeast Asia: Threat Poll

  2 November 2005

Macam-macam's Fabian Foo discusses the results of his very unscientific blog poll asking readers what they thought were the “greatest threats to Southeast Asia.” Bird flu came in first, while “Chinese dominance” came in second.

China: Back Dorm Boys

1 November 2005

Bingfeng Teahouse points us to the blog (Chinese) of the Back Dorm Boys, the art students whose video lip-syncing a U.S. boy band has become an Internet sensation.

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