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Stories about China from October, 2005

China: Taishi village backlash

  12 October 2005

ESWN translates reaction from the Chinese-language blogosphere, notably from mainland Chinese journalist Michael Anti, on the reporting by Guardian reporter Benjamin Joffe-Walt of the attack on Hubei lawmaker Lu Banglie in Taishi village earlier this week.

China:Blogspot no longer blocked

12 October 2005

Blogspot, the blog hosting service held by Google, was said to be removed from banning list of Chinese internet flitering system. (Via Keso; Here is an English translation by Danwei) . It has been blocked for almost 3 years in mainland China. In addition, Google Cache, the service to arhchive...

China: Lu Banglie beating

  11 October 2005

AsiaPundit defends his fellow hack Benjamin Joffe-Walt, saying the Guardian correspondent isn't reponsible for the beating of Hubei lawmaker Lu Banglie in the southern Chinese village of Taishi. But he also reports some of the angrier comments in the blogosphere and among other foreign journalists that are circulating about his...

China: Heritage newsletter

  10 October 2005

Danwei returns from the National Day holidays with a link to a newsletter on Chinese heritage, edited by Bruce Gordon Doar and Geremie R. Barmé.

China: Aussie dancer leaves stage

  10 October 2005

Angry Chinese Blogger reports on how Australian dancer Wang Xuejun was kicked out of China for possession of a banned book: Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party.

China: Property riots

7 October 2005

Shenzhen Ren reports, albeit second-hand, about a group of prospective property buyers in the southern Chinese boomtown who rioted when the developers tried to pull a fast one.

China: Track record

  6 October 2005

ESWN reports that Xici Hutong appears to have been shut down, as have many of the phenomena praised on the blog this week.

Taiwan: Google map row

  6 October 2005

Angry Chinese Blogger posts a long commentary on the row over Google's map of China and Taiwan, on which the latter is labeled as a province of the former.

China: Top of Asian blogosphere

  5 October 2005

Letters from China carries out a Google Blog search to find that China has the most blogs in the Asian blogosphere, although s/he uses a somewhat unusual definition of “Asia”.

Taiwan: Google map dispute

  5 October 2005

ESWN comments briefly on the furore over Google's map of Taiwan, which has it marked as a province of China, linking to a previous post which shows that the U.S. State Department's map is just the same.

China: Yannan archive saved

  4 October 2005

China Digital Times reports on the closure of the popular online Chinese discussion forum, Yannan.com, and points those interested in the direction of archived posts from the site dating up to May 15, 2005.

China: 50 years of Xinjiang

  4 October 2005

Musing Under the Tenement Palm posts a digest of China's English-language news media's coverage of the 50th anniversary of Communist Party rule in the northwestern, mostly Muslim, region of Xinjiang.

China: Deleted essay

  4 October 2005

ESWN translates an essay by Zhongshan University professor Ai Xiaoming on the Taishi village standoff, which was originally posted on the Yannan forum, now closed down for “rectification” (the announcement can be seen here in Chinese).

China: Taishi village standoff

3 October 2005

ESWN posts a detailed chronology and background resource with photos for anyone interested in the Taishi village campaign to remove their elected chief.

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