· March, 2010

Stories about Uzbekistan from March, 2010

Tajikistan: Bargaining over dams and shipments

  29 March 2010

Tajik and Uzbek officials traded barbs during the security conference in Dushanbe. The argument concerned freight train shipments for Tajikistan that have been stalled on Uzbek territory, but as neweurasia’s Dushanbe explains, the real reason is the Roghun dam project.

Uzbekistan: They Cancelled Navroz

  29 March 2010

Nathan Hamm informs his readers that public Navroz celebrations were cancelled in Uzbekistan – allegedly because of bad weather, but no official announcements were made about the cancellation.

Uzbekistan: Children infected with HIV

  29 March 2010

Joshua Foust reports that two hospitals in Namangan have been identified in a newly released documentary as infecting at least 140 children with HIV, resulting in the deaths of at least 14.

Uzbekistan: Economic purge

  21 March 2010

Dafydd takes a look at various versions of why did the Uzbekistan's president order the arrest of a whole slew of Uzbekistan’s richest people.

Uzbekistan: Anti-AIDS activist sentenced

  5 March 2010

Nathan Hamm reports that Uzbekistan's anti-AIDS campaigner Maksim Popov was sentenced in to seven years in prison. The court found that a brochure he distributed is “incompatible with local traditions.”