· March, 2008

Stories about Uzbekistan from March, 2008

Uzbekistan: Foreign Policy Perturbations

  17 March 2008

The Uzbek regime's violent suppression of the uprising in Andijan in May 2005 was a turning point in the country's foreign policy. The government did not allow EU to investigate the case and then, after the U.S. administration's strong opposition to “non-observation of basic human rights”, Tashkent forced American airbase...

Uzbekistan: Opposition Welcomes Rapprochement with West. Or Not?

  13 March 2008

Nathan reviews a number of news reports on reaction of the Uzbekistan's opposition and human rights activists to closer ties between the Uzbek government and the West, and says that it is hard to find any one report that provides a representative sample of the opinions, although the fractured community...

Uzbekistan: Won’t You Be My Friend?

Patrick Frost reviews the recent developments in the Uzbekistan's foreign policy regarding the Western community, and says that US policy in Uzbekistan and the Central Asian region as a whole has become more pragmatic and less democracy promotion-driven.