· February, 2008

Stories about Uzbekistan from February, 2008

Uzbekistan: Reshuffling Again?

  22 February 2008

Mansurhon writes about the recent arrest of Uzbekistan's Deputy General Prosecutor, saying that shuffling of higher officials is a usual procedure for Uzbekistan, as president Islam Karimov often changes key people in both in central and local governments.

Uzbekistan blocks Newsuz.com website

  21 February 2008

It has been reported that the Uzbek-language website Newsuz.com has been blocked in Uzbekistan. “After a series of critical publications on human rights issues, gas supply issues, and price growth, and also analytical publications on the recent elections, we began receiving letters with threats and demands to follow information posted...

Uzbekistan: Deputy General Prosecutor Suddenly Arrested

  21 February 2008

Nathan reports that for reasons not being reported, Anvar Nabiev, the Uzbekistan's Deputy Prosecutor General, has been arrested. He opines that the arrest is part of the Uzbek government’s campaign to impress the West with its sudden interest in observation of human rights.

Uzbekistan: Rights Activists Comment on Release of Colleagues

  18 February 2008

Nathan posts a statement by the human rights watchdog for prevention of torture in Uzbekistan concerning recent release of imprisoned human rights activists and the increased lip service the Uzbek government is paying to human rights as it tries to recultivate ties with Europe and the United States.

Uzbekistan: Same Old Game in Uzbekistan

  11 February 2008

Steve LeVine says that Western human rights groups and U.S. State Department officials are saying that recent actions by Uzbekistan President Islam Karimov shows that sanctions against the country are working. But Karimov's record demonstrates a talent for making the leaders of bigger countries believe what they want.

Uzbekistan: Gesturing to the West

  6 February 2008

Nathan says that a number of Uzbek human rights activists are receiving amnesties, a gesture some observers believe is an obvious consequence of Uzbekistan President Karimov’s desire for closer ties relations with the US and EU.