· January, 2008

Stories about Uzbekistan from January, 2008

Uzbekistan: Nadira's Story

  25 January 2008

Ben links to a few stories discussing Nadira Alieva’s new London theatre show, in which she recounts her life before and after she met ex-ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray.

Uzbekistan: No Refuge from the Cold

  23 January 2008

Nathan reports that Uzbeks are suffering from severe shortages of heat and natural gas. Winter gas shortages have been par for the course in Uzbekistan in recent years, but with this winter being particularly cold, they’re having a much greater impact this year.

Uzbekistan: Old New President Inaugurated

  18 January 2008

Libertad writes about the inauguration of a newly but in fact very “old” president of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, noting that during the ceremony Karimov was reading the sacred oath without eye-glasses which he was used to wear.

Uzbekistan: Labor Migrants

  17 January 2008

Libertad writes about the problems Uzbek migrant workers face while working in foreign countries, refers to a report by an NGO on migrant workers and uploads photos of migrant labor workers leaving Uzbekistan in barrack-like buses.

Russia: Xenophobia Blogging

  15 January 2008

There seems to be more and more posts on xenophobia in the Russian blogosphere. Many are written by xenophobes, while some are written about them. Below are two recent examples of xenophobia blogging.

Uzbekistan: Rumors of a Sickly President

  8 January 2008

Nathan says that the rumors about Uzbekistan President Karimov being seriously ill have got new rebirth lately. The source, opposition-in-exile-leader Muhammad Solih says Karimov will soon head to Germany for medical treatments and may have to transfer some powers to subordinates.

Uzbekistan: Silly promises or fiction?

  2 January 2008

Mansurhon reacts to the President Karimov's message to the people of Uzbekistan at New Year night. He addresses the major points of the presidential speech, concluding that “he doesn't believe this man any more”.