· December, 2007

Stories about Uzbekistan from December, 2007

Uzbekistan: New Book of the Former BBC Reporter

  24 December 2007

Steve LeVine reviews the new book's release — Alan Johnston, the former Tashkent correspondent for the BBC, has a new book out called “Kidnapped and Other Dispatches.” His release was unharmed from four months of captivity in Gaza.

Uzbekistan: 2007 in Retrospect

  20 December 2007

Libertad reviews major event in Uzbekistan in 2007, pointing out a topic that deserves more attention than others – pre-election process in Uzbekistan.

Armenia: Domestic Violence

  11 December 2007

Unzipped: Gay Armenia is concerned by the latest figures from UNICEF which indicate that 22 percent of women in Armenia believe a husband has the right to beat his wife. However, the blog says that the figures are better than in Georgia and Uzbekistan where 30 and 70 percent respectively...

Uzbekistan: Wannabe Friends with U.S.?

  11 December 2007

Jamiyat reports that president of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov spoke at the 15th anniversary of the adoption of the constitution at which he touched upon the relations of Uzbekistan with the US, saying that “the disagreement between Uzbekistan on the one hand and the USA and EU on the other is...

Uzbekistan: Clothing Culture

  11 December 2007

Bordersca tells about fabric culture/business which has been flourishing since collapse of the Soviet Union in Samarkand, an ancient city and main tourist destination in Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan: Ripping off the tourists

  3 December 2007

Libertad says that being a tourist in Uzbekistan is really difficult. People, for who the tourism is the only source of income, do their best to get more money as possible from the Westerners, and gives some recommendations on how to avoid cheat.

Uzbekistan: Flash-mob in memoriam of the slain journalist

  3 December 2007

Tolkun Umaraliev reminds that on December 4 it will 40 days since the death of Alisher Saipov, a prominent journalist, who was shot dead on October 24, 2007, in the southern city of Kyrgyzstan for his journalistic activity in Uzbekistan. Kyrgyz and Uzbek bloggers will make a flash-mob to commemorate...