· March, 2007

Stories about Uzbekistan from March, 2007

Uzbekistan: New Attitude

  29 March 2007

Registan.net says that Uzbekistan has not shown the change of heart regarding its human rights practices that some European Union officials claim it has.

Uzbekistan: Picking Cotton

  27 March 2007

neweurasia posts photos of children taking part in Uzbekistan's cotton harvest and translates some discussions on LiveJournal blogs of the use of child labor to harvest Uzbekistan's white gold.

Uzbekistan: Outside Looking In

22 March 2007

Ambar discusses desperately trying to feel part of the Uzbek family she married into, but constantly feeling like an outsider.

Central Asia: Celebrating Navruz

  22 March 2007

Sue Sypko says that celebrating a holiday like Navruz is tough to do for a group because everyone disagrees on how to spell the holiday's name, how to decorate, and what food to serve.

Uzbekistan: Mosque and State

  21 March 2007

Registan.net discusses how the government of Uzbekistan is using the state-sanctioned Islamic religious establishment to back its policies and ideology.

Central Asia: Local Democracy

  16 March 2007

Tolkun Umaraliev agrees with the new Turkmen president's views on democracy — namely that it cannot simply be imported ready-made, but that it instead has to be adapted to local traditions and culture.

Uzbekistan: Mahalla

15 March 2007

At neweurasia Tolkun posts a translation of a post about the meanings of the mahalla (small community or neighborhood) in Uzbekistan.