· February, 2007

Stories about Uzbekistan from February, 2007

Uzbekistan: Perils of Assisting Homosexuals

  28 February 2007

Registan.net covers the latest crackdown on foreign health NGOs in Uzbekistan, which includes action against an organization running an HIV/AIDS prevention program for not just paperwork problems but also because it works with homosexuals. Male homosexuality is a crime in Uzbekistan punishable by three years in prison.

Uzbekistan: Plight of the Merchants

  27 February 2007

Registan.net discusses the plight of Uzbekistan's merchants. Despite recent changes that should make trade easier and more profitable, cross-border traders still face numerous difficulties as a result of police harassment and high taxes.

Uzbekistan: Mathematical Expression

  23 February 2007

Claire Wilkinson discusses a report showing that medieval Islamic art shows an understanding of complex geometry that did not find mathematical expression until fairly recently. The researcher first became interested in the subject while visiting Islamic structures in Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan: President's Nephew in Mental Hospital

  21 February 2007

Tolkun Umaraliev reports on the case of Jamshid Karimov, an independent journalist often critical of the government who also happens to be a nephew of the Uzbekistan's authoritarian president. In a throwback to Soviet practice, Karimov has been placed in a psychiatric hospital in Samarkand.

Central Asia & Caucasus: Nonmarket Economies

  14 February 2007

Registan.net discovers a law proposed in the United States Congress that would slap all of Central Asia and the Caucasus except Kazakhstan with extra tariffs because they would be considered to be economies not functioning on market principles.

Uzbekistan: Dialogue or Sanctions

  9 February 2007

Nick discusses a condemnation from the International Crisis Group of expanding European ties with Uzbekistan and wonders why there are different standards for European relations with Uzbekistan than with countries like Iran.

Central Asia: US Aid

  7 February 2007

Registan.net looks at the Bush administration's proposed budget for the 2008 fiscal year and says it shows the White House is dropping the ball on Central Asia.

Uzbekistan: Phony NGO

2 February 2007

neweurasia looks at the World Bank's implementing partner on a project to promote civil society in Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan: Blogs and the Law

  1 February 2007

Registan.net looks at a change to Uzbekistan's media law that now defines all websites, including blogs, as mass media, subjecting them to registration and content submission requirements. The author expects that this will only delay the growth of the Uzbek blogosphere.