· January, 2007

Stories about Uzbekistan from January, 2007

Uzbekistan: Handling Succession

  31 January 2007

Sean Roberts examines how Uzbekistan will handle succession. President Islam Karimov is 70 and currently in the “bonus time” of his final term. With elections on the horizon, Uzbekistan may have a new leader soon.

Central Asia: European Policy

  25 January 2007

Registan.net writes about German proposals for a new European Union policy on Central Asia, and neweurasia responds, wondering why we don't hear more on Europe's efforts to renew ties with the region.

Uzbekistan: New NGO Law

  17 January 2007

At neweurasia, “night_eulen” discusses a new law governing foreign NGOs in Uzbekistan which he says is a façade to make Uzbekistan look better to the outside world.

Uzbekistan: Presidential Mandate Expires

  10 January 2007

Ben Paarmann marks the expiration of the mandate of Uzbekistan's president, Islam Karimov. The funny thing is, he still is in office, and there has been no public mention of coming elections. Ben explains what is going on, and speculates on different ways that the president may extend his time...