· December, 2006

Stories about Uzbekistan from December, 2006

Uzbekistan: Russia Moves In

29 December 2006

At neweurasia, Kamron discusses Uzbekistan's decision to allow Russian military planes to land at the Navoi airport, saying that the government is filling the vacuum left by the expulsion of the US Air Force last year.

Uzbekistan: Religious Restrictions

  27 December 2006

Alisher reports that the new governor of the Andijon province, the site of the 2005 protests and massacre, has imposed new restrictions on Islamic religious practice, including requirements that all restaurants serve alcohol and that children and teenagers not be admitted to mosques for public prayers.

Central Asia: Environment

  13 December 2006

KZBlog looks at several environmental issues in Central Asia, ranging from the decline of the Aral Sea to gas burning in the oil-rich Caspian region.

Central Asia: Clanism

  13 December 2006

Sean Roberts posts the transcript of his recent speech on clan politics in Central Asia, and James adds his two cents.

Voices from Central Asia

  8 December 2006

Anara – by teokaye Anara is one of the ‘youth at risk’ that took part in the weekend trip. Instead of going to school, she supports her family by collecting plastic bags at Dordoi bazaar, a massive clothing market made up of thousands of containers. Kyrgyz-US relations The killing of...

Uzbekistan: Contentedness

7 December 2006

How happy are Uzbeks? Not nearly as happy as a new opinion poll claims they are says Registan.net.