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Stories about Central Asia & Caucasus from May, 2009

Afghanistan: Civilian Casualties Problem

  11 May 2009

Joshua Foust reports that the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan has ordered an investigation into a reported massive civilian casualty strike and adds that some commentators unacceptably blame the civilians themselves for being caught in the middle.

Armenia: Transgender video blogging

  11 May 2009

Unzipped comments on news that transgender blogger Hye Trent will be video blogging his physical transformations during surgery and other procedures. The blog says the move is unprecedented and brave.

Azerbaijan: Blogger response to University massacre

  10 May 2009

Information about the tragedy which occurred at the end of last month, shocking many worldwide, was slow to emerge, and even more than a week later, there are still many questions left unanswered. However, what is known is that on the morning of 30 April 2009, 13 people were killed in a terrifying shooting spree at the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy. Bloggers comment on the tragedy.

Armenia: Banned TV station resumes broadcasting… via mobile

  9 May 2009

Writing on the Frontline Club blog, Global Voices Online's Caucasus editor comments on a new service introduced this week by the banned pro-opposition TV station A1 Plus to offer video news services via mobile. The entry also looks at the larger issue of alternative voices going online to circumvent government...

Syria: Just Say Sorry

Syrian blogger Omar, who is based in Canada, wonders what would have happened had Osama bin Laden apologised after the September 11 attacks: “[O]ver 100 Afghani civilians died in an accidental “strike” (a soft word for bombing). What does Clinton do? Well she apologizes, she just release a statement saying...

Georgia: Public discontent and political strategies

  8 May 2009

Social Science in the Caucasus comments on the relatively low turnout at opposition rallies in Tbilisi, Georgia. The blog notes that while discontent with the government is high, that does not mean the majority of Georgians support the opposition. In fact, the analytical blog argues, many are instead undecided and...

Armenia: Yerevan election update

  7 May 2009

Writing for the Frontline Club blog, Global Voices Online's Caucasus editor rounds up some of the latest developments in this month's crucial municipal election in Yerevan. In particular, the entry singles out two incidents involving police and opposition supporters as well as an aborted assault on a local journalist.

Armenia: Shooting the messenger (reprise)

Security, in the Caucasus and beyond…. follows up its first commentary on the nationalist reaction to talk of a breakthrough in talks to normalize relations between Armenia and Turkey. In its second post, the blogs examines recommendations made by the International Crisis Group (ICG).

Georgia: Brink of civil war?

  6 May 2009

Before news agencies reported that riot police and opposition supporters clashed in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, human rights lawyer Anna Dolidze writes on Resistance Georgia that she fears the ongoing stalemate and protests will lead to bloodshed.

Tajikistan: Taking Lessons

  6 May 2009

Joshua Foust reviews John Heathershaw’s new book titled “Post-Conflict Tajikistan: The politics of peacebuilding and the emergence of legitimate order”.

Afghanistan: Picnics and living standards

  6 May 2009

Õnne Pärl reflects if the number of picnics match the living standards of Afghans, notices that ruins are being restored in mosques and social spaces with playgrounds and quotes his local friend who says that there are now more wealthy Afghans who can afford to go for a picnic.

Kazakhstan: State support and censorship on the Internet

  6 May 2009

“As I thought, this year will prove to be a breakthrough for the Kazakhstani Internet”, says izhanov [ru]. The process of creation а start-up projects and interesting web-ideas has already started last year naturally, as a consequence of lowered cost of Internet access and higher speed on the intra-Kazakhstani traffic....

Kazakhstan: Farce Vulgaris

  6 May 2009

Adam tells about new episode in the political farce saga around Rakhat Aliyev (the disgraced former presidential son-in-law sentenced to 40 years in jail and currently living in Europe) and the Kazakhstani authorities.

Armenia: Opposition TV goes mobile

  5 May 2009

Unzipped welcomes the introduction of a new mobile phone news service by the banned A1 Plus pro-opposition TV station in Armenia. The blog says that once again modern technology is breaking state-imposed censorship.

Armenia: Tensions rise ahead of municipal vote

  5 May 2009

The Caucasian Knot, the blog of Global Voices Online's Caucasus editor, carries a report on yesterday's pre-election campaign by the extra-parliamentary opposition. The blog includes video originally streamed live from the scene of a brief clash between police and opposition supporters. Unzipped also posts the video while Tzitzernak2 says that...

Armenia: No policies, but plenty of perks

  4 May 2009

The Caucasian Knot, the blog of Global Voices Online's Caucasus editor posts an account, photographs and video of yesterdays pre-election campaign rally by the governmental Prosperous Armenia political party. The blog notes that back yards were asphalted just hours before the meeting and a free concert appeared to replace offering...

Armenia: May Day opposition rally

  1 May 2009

The Caucasian Knot, the blog of Global Voices Online's Caucasus editor, posts an account as well as videos and photographs shot on mobile and originally uploaded or streamed live to various online sites of today's opposition rally in Yerevan, the Armenian capital, ahead of the municipal election to be held...

Kyrgyzstan: Government Acts to Prevent Swine Flu

  1 May 2009

The import of all types of meat products from the United States and Mexico is banned in Kyrgyzstan now. Deputy Director of the Department of Veterinary Kubanychbek Musakeev explained [ru], that the government imposed this restriction because of the worldwide spread of the swine flu. According to Musakeev's words the...

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