· December, 2007

Stories about Central Asia & Caucasus from December, 2007

Armenia: Aeroflot

  25 December 2007

Now that airline ticket prices have increased in Armenia, one ethnic Armenian from the Diaspora finally journeyed back home for Christmas via Moscow on Aeroflot. Raffi K at Life in Armenia says that avoiding the terrible service on Aeroflot is best advised.

Armenia: Campaign Politics

  25 December 2007

With the presidential election in Armenia less than two months away, The Armenian Observer is impressed by how seriously one candidate is taking campaigning for the vote.

Armenia: Yoga

  25 December 2007

The Armenian Patchwork posts photographs taken at a new Yoga center in Yerevan, the Armenian capital.

Kazakhstan: Crisis Has Gone?

  25 December 2007

Arseny provides excepts from the interview to Bloomberg, given by Kazakhstan’s top banker, saying the country has got rid of the crisis.

Kazakhstan: Debates over Latinization of Kazakh Language

  25 December 2007

Kazakhstan intends to switch the state language to the Latin script. It was announced that the transition will take 12-15 years. As adam_kesher writes, the plan stirred many disputes and arguments – in particular, Russia and a part of Kazakhstan’s Russian-speaking population considers switching to Latin is an adverse move...

Armenia: Christmas Comes Early

  24 December 2007

The Armenian Observer says that while he can understand why international contacts and friends are wishing him Merry Xmas, he is irritated that Armenians are doing so as well. While the West celebrates Christmas on 25th December, Armenians will not do so until 6 January.

Kazakhstan: Almaty travelogue

  24 December 2007

The Schirm Project posts a travelogue entry on his trip to Almaty, the commercial capital of Kazakhstan, saying it can be compared to a cross between Reno, Washington DC, and Boston.

Armenia: Burning Bridges

  24 December 2007

Archuk's blog comments on recent hearings in the Armenian National Assembly on relations with Turkey and considers that focusing on potential financial reparations does more harm than good in the quest for “historical justice.” The blogger remembers that even a famous Armenian freedom fighter killed during the Karabakh conflict concluded...

Georgia: Election Pressures

  24 December 2007

TOL Georgia reports on allegations that students are being coerced into publicly supporting the Georgian president, Mikhail Saakashvili, ahead of January's vote. According to a personal source, students are allegedly being threatened with expulsion from their colleges if they do not comply.

Georgia: Analysts, Oligarchs & Russians

  24 December 2007

TOL Georgia comments on a recent analysis by analyst Vladimir Socor criticizing opposition presidential candidate and businessman, Badri Patarkatsishvili. The blog believes that Socor is incorrect in his assessment and has overlooked serious concerns that the January presidential election in Georgia will not be free and fair.

Uzbekistan: New Book of the Former BBC Reporter

  24 December 2007

Steve LeVine reviews the new book's release — Alan Johnston, the former Tashkent correspondent for the BBC, has a new book out called “Kidnapped and Other Dispatches.” His release was unharmed from four months of captivity in Gaza.

Armenia: Action Puts Bloggers In Media Spotlight

  21 December 2007

In countries such as Armenia where the mainstream broadcast media is firmly under the control of government-connected businessmen and/or officials, while the traditional print and online media largely reflects the opposition in the country, there is no doubt that blogs have an important role to play in the dissemination of...

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