· March, 2010

Stories about Georgia from March, 2010

Azerbaijan: DOTCOM arrives in Baku

  29 March 2010

Late last night, American participants of the U.S. State Department sponsored DOTCOM project to bring Armenian, Azerbaijani and American teenagers together to create socially conscious media arrived in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Armenia-Azerbaijan: BBC Azeri Facebook Diary II

  25 March 2010

As part of the BBC Superpower Season, the BBC's Azeri service approached Global Voices Online's Caucasus editor to participate in its own reflection on the power of the Internet. What follows is Part II in English.

Caucasus: Women's rights

  4 March 2010

Security, in the Caucasus and beyond… prepares for International Women's Day by chronicling key developments in women's rights in the region. However, with many traditional practices slow to die out, the blog says that changes in societal values brought about during the Soviet years have been overturned since independence. In...

Georgia: Social Innovation Camp in the Caucasus

  3 March 2010

A web site for the first ever Social Innovation Camp in the South Caucasus has been set up at http://sic-caucasus.net. The event, aimed at promoting the use of social media to implement actual projects for civil society and activists in the region, will be held as part of the Social...