· July, 2009

Stories about Georgia from July, 2009

Georgia: Controversial online game

  14 July 2009

Unzipped: Gay Armenia, a ground-breaking LGBT blog in the region, comments on news from Gay Caucasus [RU] that a homophobic game, Kill the Faggots, is proving popular among children in Georgia. The blog says the game is disgusting and that the site should be shut down.

Georgia: Nationalist Pop

  14 July 2009

This is Tbilisi Calling comments on the tendency for pop music to be used for political purposes in countries such as Georgia. Although there have been some songs which have lampooned forces on both sides of the political divide, the blog also notes their use for nationalist purposes in a...

Georgia: An Interview with DvOrsky

  11 July 2009

Giga Paitchadze, better known online as DvOrsky, is no stranger to the Caucasus section of Global Voices Online. In the second of a series of audio interviews with bloggers in or dealing with the South Caucasus, Paitchadze updates Global Voices Online on the development of new media in Georgia.

Armenia: Georgian controversy

Nazarian comments on the recent visit by Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili to Armenia. The blog says that nationalist forces in the country have every right to be angered by the medal awarded to Saakashvili by his Armenian counterpart, but says that Russian parliamentarians should stay out of the affairs of...

Georgia: Managed democracy criticized

  2 July 2009

Social Science in the Caucasus sums up a recent talk given in Tbilisi about the state of democracy in Georgia. The blog says that democratization pushed from outside has exacerbated polarization and conflict in local politics.