· April, 2009

Stories about Georgia from April, 2009

Georgia: Alternative Eurovision

  29 April 2009

Following the scandal surrounding Georgia's aborted attempt to enter a song mocking the former Russian president, Vladimir Putin, in the Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Moscow, This is Tbilisi Calling says that the country will instead hold its own alternative international song contest.

Georgia: Cell protest in Tbilisi

  26 April 2009

A Year in Tbilisi pays a visit to some of the mock cells erected outside government buildings in the Georgian capital. The blog posts photographs and doesn't seem convinced that the opposition movement demanding the president's resignation stand much chance of succeeding.

Georgia: Russian youth movement provocation

  18 April 2009

Wu Wei Thoughts from the Tao comments on news that the pro-Putin Nashi youth movement attempted to cross into Georgian territory during last week's protests in Tbilisi. The blog says that such an attempt will do nothing to help the opposition in its attempt to force the Georgian president to...

Georgia: Who is Giorgi Targamadze?

  17 April 2009

The Tbilisi Blues comments on the current opposition protests in the Georgian capital and says that one political force opposed to the president might yet benefit from the stand-off between the government its more radical opponents.

Georgia: Opposition protests on hold, new concerns emerge

  17 April 2009

With the Russian military reportedly mobilizing within striking range of Georgia, many online commentators are becoming increasingly worried by the tactics employed by the opposition as it continues its campaign to force the president, Mikhail Saakashvili, to resign.

Georgia: Concerns emerge over opposition protests

  14 April 2009

As the opposition blocks off main roads in Tbilisi, some bloggers and other online commentators are starting to question the tactics employed by protesters in the Georgian capital. Nevertheless, most are thankful that the protests have not resulted in major clashes.

Georgia: Opposition protests enter fifth day

  14 April 2009

Despite dwindling numbers over the weekend, the opposition in Georgia has once again rallied an estimated 20,000 supporters in the capital, Tbilisi. Although well down on the 50,000 that demonstrated on Thursday, the number of those openly calling for the resignation of the Georgian president, Mikhail Saakashvili, did at least match those taking to the streets on Friday.

Georgia: Civil disobedience

  12 April 2009

As a new wave of anti-government protests continue in Tbilisi, Georgian human rights lawyer Anna Dolidze explains why she believes a campaign of civil disobedience is necessary. In a second entry posted on her Resistance Georgia blog, the former head of the Young Georgian Lawyer's Association comments on last night's...

Georgia: Tbilisi protest update

  12 April 2009

Radiobedniereba’s Blog reports on the incident which occurred last night outside the Georgian parliament. The blog says controversy surrounds surveillance camera footage of 50 men destroying computers and sound equipment belonging to the opposition.

Georgia: Citizen media and the Tbilisi protests

  10 April 2009

Writing on the Frontline Club blog, Global Voices Online's Caucasus editor says that the online coverage of two days of protests in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, by student and professional journalists has set new standards for citizen media in the South Caucasus.

Georgia: Opposition ultimatum passes

  10 April 2009

An hour after an opposition ultimatum for the Georgian president to resign went unheeded, thousands of people continue to protest in the country's capital, Tbilisi. Bloggers report from the scene.

Georgia: Keeping an eye on Tbilisi protests

  9 April 2009

Frontline Club blogger Guy Degen posts an update on the opposition protests in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi. The media blogger also is also posting live updates from his mobile phone on Twitter (text), Utter (audio) and Qik (video).

Georgia: Opposition protests in Tbilisi (Updated)

  9 April 2009

Twenty years after clashes with Soviet troops outside the main government building in Tbilisi left 20 dead, the Georgian capital today braced itself for possible problems as the country's opposition staged its first major rally since the August war with Russia. Bloggers are posting from the ground.

Georgia: April 9 protest coverage

  8 April 2009

As part of an online project, the GIPA Journalism School Blog will be covering tomorrow's planned opposition protest in Tbilisi. In the first post, Sako's Blog says that most residents of the Georgian capital are unhappy with the president, Mikhail Saakashvili, but will not necessarily participate in the protests.