· December, 2008

Stories about Georgia from December, 2008

Caucasus: 2008 Blog Review

  25 December 2008

Last year ended with a state of emergency declared in Georgia, but few could imagine that the events of 2008 would eclipse those of 2007. Three presidential elections, a war, and yet another state of emergency defined the South Caucasus this year, and bloggers were there to document events from...

Georgia: Cannon Fodder

  23 December 2008

The Tbilisi Blues examines the state of the Georgian army before and especially during the August war with Russia. The blogger says that he saw with his own eyes how reservists were sent into action in Gori wearing nothing more than tennis shoes and ill-fitting uniforms to serve as cannon...

Armenia: LGBT News

  20 December 2008

Unzipped: Gay Armenia is pleased to inform its readers that following the recent UN statement in support of LGBT rights, World Focus has quoted the blog in its report on the move which Armenia endorsed. In related news, the same blog also details the contents of a new issue of...

Georgia: Driving Lesson

  17 December 2008

Ben Sweeney's Weblog recounts the best driving lesson yet in Georgia and at the same time encounters an apparently magnetic mountain.