· June, 2008

Stories about Georgia from June, 2008

Caucasus: Religious Practices Update

  25 June 2008

Social Science in the Caucasus provides an update on its survey of religious practices in the South Caucasus. The blog of the Caucasus Resource Research Centers (CRRC) says that women place more significance on the importance of religion in their lives than men.

Caucasus: Religious Practices

  24 June 2008

Social Science in the Caucasus examines data on religious practices in the region. The blog of the Caucasus Resource Research Centers (CRRC) uses its own data to assess the importance of religion in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. According to the survey from last year, respondents in Georgia were more numerous...

Caucasus: European Integration

  22 June 2008

Azerbaijan – a part of Europe says that it hopes the countries of the South Caucasus will be close to integrating with Europe in 10 years. However, the blog concludes, it requires a change in the mindset of the local populations and how they think.

Georgia: Abkhaz Tensions

Steady State comments on how the media in Georgia reports on continuing tensions with Russia over the breakaway region of Abkhazia. The blog implies that the media is being used to encourage such tensions and says that if there was any real interest in peace then a different approach would...

Georgia: Post-Election Concerns

  22 June 2008

Steady State comments on the evaluation of the recent parliamentary election in Georgia by the country's human rights ombudsperson as the “worst in the country’s history.” The blog also examines the position of international observers and the United States on the vote and raises it concern with some of the...

Caucasus: Armenian & Georgian Blogosphere Assessed

  13 June 2008

Following last weekend's BarCamp in Tbilisi, one of the event's main organizers, Giga Paitchadze, briefly considers its success and provides a small glimpse into the Georgian blogosphere. Also known as DvOrsky, the blogger claims to be the oldest in the country. Global Voices Online interviewed Paitchadze after the Caucasus BarCamp.

Georgia: Post-Election Survey

  12 June 2008

Social Science in the Caucasus comments on a telephone survey of voters following the May parliamentary election in the country. The blog casts doubts on the reliability of the poll and the effectiveness of telephone surveys in general.

Georgia: Football Overshadows Politics

  10 June 2008

TOL Georgia voices its concern with plans to suspend a political talk show to make time for coverage of Euro 2008. The blog considers the move as part of continuing attempts by the Georgian authorities to limit opposition access to the broadcast media.

Caucasus: BarCamp

  10 June 2008

After attending the Caucasus BarCamp at the weekend, Pigh [Ru] expresses his concern with the involvement of Soros in financing part of the event as well as the presence of several people who the blogger considers “colored revolutionary” types. The blogger also expresses his disappointment with the non-political nature of...

Georgia: Armenian Church Destruction

  10 June 2008

Pigh [RU] posts photographs of a 15th Century Armenian church in downtown Tbilisi which currently faces an uncertain future. The photographs show that there have been attempts to erase Armenian inscriptions on the church in order for the Georgian Orthodox Church to claim it as their own.

Azerbaijan: Blogs, BarCamps & Social Networks

  10 June 2008

This post is part of our special coverage Caucasus Conflict Voices. On the sidelines of this weekend's Caucasus BarCamp in Tbilisi, capital of the Republic of Georgia, Global Voices Online's Caucasus Editor Onnik Krikorian had a brief opportunity to talk to BarCamp Ambassador and Regional Program Manager for Transitions Online,...

Georgia: Diaspora in Russia

Window on Eurasia says that one in five Georgians lives in the Russian Federation and considers how a sizable Georgian Diaspora might affect future relations between the two usually antagonistic countries.

Armenia/Georgia: Economic Relations

  5 June 2008

Social Science in the Caucasus comments on a recent report it produced for the United Nations on economic relations between Armenia and Georgia. The blog says that despite an ethnically Armenian populated region in Georgia bordering Armenia providing a natural basis for the development of trade between the two, there...

Georgia: Lost Monkeys of Abkhazia

  2 June 2008

This is Tbilisi Calling comments on a new documentary film about the Primate Research Center in the breakaway region of Abkhazia. The blog says that there is speculation that in the Soviet period there were attempts to create a hybrid between humans and monkeys and that some of the primates...

Georgia: The Lost Colony

  1 June 2008

Steady State briefly reviews The Lost Colony, a documentary film by a Dutch filmmaker on the primate research center in Sukhumi, capital of the breakaway region of Abkhazia in Georgia. The film was specifically produced to mark the Sukhumi Primate Center's 80th anniversary. The center is the oldest of its...