· March, 2008

Stories about Georgia from March, 2008

Georgia: Opposition Ends Hunger Strike

  30 March 2008

TOL Georgia comments on news that the opposition has called off its hunger strike after a second intervention from the Georgian patriarch. With no concessions forthcoming from the government, the blog wonders where the current political situation in Georgia leaves the opposition ahead of the May parliamentary vote.

Georgia: Independent Media Concerns

  23 March 2008

TOL Georgia details the continuing saga of Imedi TV, a station critical of the authorities which was closed down during the recent state of emergency in the country. The blog says that the station remains closed and ownership has been transferred to a U.S. citizen of Georgian descent. The opposition...

Georgia: Hunger Strike Continues

  23 March 2008

TOL Georgia reports that a hunger strike by the opposition in Georgia continues with several people now in a critical condition. The blog examines the background to the current standoff between the authorities and the opposition in the immediate aftermath of the January presidential election and just before the May...

Russia: Kosovo and Abkhazia

  17 March 2008

TOL's Steady State writes about Russia and “Kosovo's precedent”: “Russia is an ardent supporter of the territorial integrity in the Balkans. When it comes to the Caucasus, those principles change.”

Georgia: New Protests

  17 March 2008

Now that opposition protests in one of the three South Caucasus republics have stopped, new protests are resuming in another. TOL Georgia reports that a few thousand protesters are once again demonstrating in central Tbilisi, but considers that their efforts to force a new presidential election two months after the...

Georgia: Sports Ambassadors

  17 March 2008

Archuk's blog recounts conversations with English football fans and concludes that for any country to have a good image abroad they must first have sports and pop stars to export. In this regard, Georgia seems to be doing better than Armenia although the same logic applies.

Georgia: NATO Disappointment

  12 March 2008

TOL Georgia says that after November's crackdown on opposition protests in Tbilisi, NATO might not be so eager to start the process of eventual membership for Georgia of the international military coalition at its summit in Budapest in April. The blog also says that two frozen conflicts over territories not...

Georgia: More Protests

  12 March 2008

Registan comments on renewed protests by the opposition in Georgia. The blog says that it is increasingly obvious that one guide for assessing whether democracy has taken root in a country is whether losing candidates or parties can accept defeat.

Caucasus: Ali and Nino

  11 March 2008

The Armenian Odar Reads posts a review of Ali and Nino by Kurban Said. The book, now considered a masterpiece after its rediscovery long after its publication in 1937, is a love story and centers around Nino, a Georgian, and Ali, an Azeri. The book is also considered an interesting...

Caucasus: Internal & External Problems

  9 March 2008

Marilisa Lorusso's blog rounds up the latest political and geopolitical developments from the South Caucasus and says that all three republics are preoccupied with seeking solutions to unresolved internal and external problems. The blog also notes that despite state of emergency restrictions on the media, activity on the Internet continues...

Caucasus: Eurovision Song Contest Fever… and Politics

  9 March 2008

It might be considered a little cheesy, but the South Caucasus takes participation in the annual Eurovision song contest very seriously indeed. Not only does the competition represent the region moving closer to Europe, but given that this year has proven to be a political turbulent one it might also provide people here with a welcome break from rigged votes and post-election unrest.

Georgia: Self-Ethnic Cleansing

  5 March 2008

Steady State expresses its opinion on an analysis of the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict which says that nearly 300,000 Georgians fled their homes by their own accord. The blog takes issue with the idea.