· December, 2007

Stories about Georgia from December, 2007

Caucasus: 2007 Blog Review

  31 December 2007

With 2008 less than a day away at time of writing, it seems only appropriate to take a look back at the blogging highlights in the Caucasus for 2007. Certainly, although blogging is still largely underdeveloped, the year has seen some major highlights, especially with regards to stories that also...

Georgia: Election Polls

  29 December 2007

Comparing the situation with Armenia and Azerbaijan, Christine Quirk at Asking Tough Questions in Tough Places comments on the value that opinion polls might have during elections in the South Caucasus. The former head of the National Democratic Institute (NDI) in Azerbaijan turned political analyst says such polls serve a...

Georgia: Voter Lists

  29 December 2007

TOL Georgia says that in just four years the electorate has apparently grown by 2 million people even despite negative population growth. The blog says that in advance of the January presidential election, serious concerns should be raised about the voters list.

Georgia: Shakira in Tbilisi

  25 December 2007

After finding myself without the Internet at home for three days, I feel gutted that I missed out on Shakira's free concert two days ago in Tbilisi, Georgia. Writing on my Oneworld Multimedia blog, had I known I would have considered visiting Armenia's neighbor to the north for the concert.

Georgia: Opinion Polls

  25 December 2007

With the presidential election in Georgia two weeks away, Social Science in the Caucasus, looks at the reliability of opinion polls in the country. The blog says that opinion polls from every side are confusing the electorate and there is an urgent need for transparency.

Georgia: Sycophantic Poetry

  25 December 2007

Writing on his blog, This is Tbilisi Calling, the BBC's Matthew Collin recounts following Georgian president's motorcade around the country as part of his campaign for re-election in January's vote. The journalist and blogger reproduces a poem written especially for Mikhail Saakashvili by one elderly voter discovered en route.

Georgia: Election Pressures

  24 December 2007

TOL Georgia reports on allegations that students are being coerced into publicly supporting the Georgian president, Mikhail Saakashvili, ahead of January's vote. According to a personal source, students are allegedly being threatened with expulsion from their colleges if they do not comply.

Georgia: Analysts, Oligarchs & Russians

  24 December 2007

TOL Georgia comments on a recent analysis by analyst Vladimir Socor criticizing opposition presidential candidate and businessman, Badri Patarkatsishvili. The blog believes that Socor is incorrect in his assessment and has overlooked serious concerns that the January presidential election in Georgia will not be free and fair.

Georgia: Authoritarian Tendencies

  20 December 2007

Resistance Georgia comments on the latest report by the International Crisis Group (ICG) which concludes that Georgia is veering towards authoritarianism. The pro-opposition blog thanks the ICG for using such words when the international community is reluctant to do so.

Georgia: Election Cartoons

  19 December 2007

One refreshing addition to the Georgian blogosphere as the January election approaches is Georgia Ink, the blog of cartoonist Vladimir Shioshvili. With elections in the South Caucasus generally tense, Shioshvili injects some humor into proceedings by asking, for example, why was the State of Emergency lifted at 7pm on 7...

Georgia: Media Ownership

  19 December 2007

As the 5 January presidential election in Georgia approaches, the pro-opposition Resistance Georgia blog raises some important questions about ownership of the media in the former Soviet republic.

Georgia: Misha is Cool!

  16 December 2007

The BBC's Matthew Collin writes on This Is Tbilisi Calling about the latest attempt by the Georgian president, Mikheil Saakashvili, to woo voters ahead of January's election. A song, Misha is Cool, has been recorded by a former boy band member, now a regional governor.

Georgia: Alternate Route

  15 December 2007

Via Kaukasus, Transcaucasus offers its readers an alternate way to reach Georgia from Europe without any flying involved.

Georgia: Populist Politics

  13 December 2007

TOL Georgia is less than impressed with the populist politics of opposition politician Shalva Natelashvili. The blog says that promises from the candidate for the January 2008 presidential election usually sound crazy and often sound “crazy.”

Georgia: All Eyes on Kosovo

  11 December 2007

Steady State says that the failure to come to a decision on the status of Kosovo might well send Russia and the West on a collision course. With the need to resolve frozen conflicts in the South Caucasus on the international agenda, what happens with Kosovo has implications in this...

Armenia: Domestic Violence

  11 December 2007

Unzipped: Gay Armenia is concerned by the latest figures from UNICEF which indicate that 22 percent of women in Armenia believe a husband has the right to beat his wife. However, the blog says that the figures are better than in Georgia and Uzbekistan where 30 and 70 percent respectively...

Georgia: Hypocrisy and “Dirty Money”

  10 December 2007

TOL Georgia examines the turnaround in the attitude of the authorities in Tbilisi towards Georgian businessman Badri Patarkatsishvili, saying that when he wasn't opposed to the government his money was accepted eagerly. Now he is in opposition, however, the authorities have labeled his fortune as “dirty money gotten by violence,...

Caucasus: Election Roundup

  10 December 2007

With all three republics in the South Caucasus gearing up for elections next year, Marilisa Lorusso's Blog rounds up the latest news. In particular, coverage is given to persecution of journalists in the Azerbaijani exclave of Nakhichevan, the continuing saga of Imedi TV in Georgia, and the rejection of a...

Georgia: Advertising

  9 December 2007

A Year in Georgia provides a voice over for an advert for various beverages and drinks to be marketed in the U.S..

Georgia: Imedi Back on Air

  5 December 2007

TOL Georgia reports that the Georgian authorities will allow Imedi TV back on air ahead of the January presidential election. However, there are concerns that it might take as long as three months before Imedi TV can resume broadcasting.