· August, 2007

Stories about Georgia from August, 2007

Georgia: UFO in Abkhazia

  30 August 2007

At Steady State, rindi is amused about conflicting reports of a mysterious object falling from the sky in the breakaway province of Abkhazia. Was it a Russian or a Georgian airplane? Or a US spy drone? Or even a “cosmic object”?

Central Asia: Amusement parks

  23 August 2007

You kind of always wanted to visit the ubiquitous amusement parks in Central Asia and the Caucasus, but just never dared to go inside, right? Joshua Kucera takes you on a photo tour.

Russia: Xenophobia and Violence

  21 August 2007

There are 48 comments so far to a post on xenophobia and violence in Russia, over at Sean's Russia Blog. One commenter writes: “It seems to me that the Kremlin gave a green light to the ‘ultra-nationlist’ tendencies of some ethnic Russians by the way it dealt with Georgia and...

Georgia: Offensive

  20 August 2007

After the alleged Russian attack on one of its radio stations, Georgia seems determined to move the case up to the UN, reports Joshua Foust at Registan.net.

Georgia: IDPs

  18 August 2007

Steady State says that in Georgia, Internally Displaced People from the Abkhazia war are now being evicted from their temporary shelters. At the same time, the Caucasian country spends record sums on its military.

Georgia: Winter Olympics repercussions

  9 August 2007

The Black Sea resort Sochi will be hosting the Winter Olympics in 2014, and the near breakaway Georgian province of Abkhazia can expect huge investments from Russia. Scraps of Moscow is left to believe that this might considerably delay the peacebuilding process.

Georgia: Messages to Abkhazia

  7 August 2007

Fifteen years after Akhazia broke away from Georgian territory, Georgians wrote messages to the inhabitants of the separatist province on a board in the capital Tblisi. Like Soviet soldiers’ inscriptions on Berlin's Reichstag after WWII, none of the messages contained anything negative: “We are missing you Abkhaz brothers.” Steady State...

Central Asia: Carrying money

  3 August 2007

Joshua Kucera describes that with the highest denominations being worth less than a dollar, men have to wear fancy leather purses for carrying their money throughout Central Asia.