· June, 2007

Stories about Georgia from June, 2007

Caucasus: Not a Region

  20 June 2007

Artur says that the South Caucasus is an artificial and unnecessary construct — that the three countries within in have little in common.

Georgia: Swine Fever

  9 June 2007

Cuttino's Georgian Life covers the outbreak of African swine fever in Georgia and says that this threatens a centerpiece of Georgian cuisine.

Caucasus: Tourism Index

  8 June 2007

Social Science in the Caucasus summarizes how the Caucasus states fare on the World Economic Forum's new tourism index.

Russia, Georgia: Visas, Wine and the WTO

I've translated a post by cyxymu, apropos of Russia easing some of the visa restrictions on Georgians (possibly related to Georgia's role in Russia's WTO accession). Having a visa regime is an unusual situation between Russia and a former Soviet republic that's a CIS member; however, it's been the situation...