· October, 2006

Stories about Georgia from October, 2006

Russia: Treatment of Georgians

  17 October 2006

Blogger Sukhumi has been following the coverage of the persecution of Georgians in Russia (previous Global Voices posts are here and here). He writes (RUS): On the TV channel “Imedi” I saw a demonstration in St. Petersburg against the persecution of Georgians. To my delight, I caught sight of my...

Georgia: Making Their Case

  13 October 2006

Registan.net discusses the savviness of Georgia's president in making the country's case and gaining sympathy in the West that enhances its power in its ongoing conflicts with Russia.

Voices from Central Asia and the Caucasus

  12 October 2006

Meat vendor in Osh market, Kyrgyzstan Just returning from a shopping tour on Osh Market, we welcome you to the latest roundup of notable online conversations that took place during the last two weeks, brought to you bi-weekly by neweurasia. Armenia: France's new legislation to make the denial of the...

Central Asia: Corruption & Parking

  11 October 2006

neweurasia reports on the correlation between a Central Asian and Caucasus states’ levels of corruption and parking violations for members of their UN missions.

Russia: Journalist's Death and the Country's Future

  11 October 2006

President Vladimir Putin said this (RUS) about Anna Politkovskaya's murder in an interview with Suddeutsche Zeitung Tuesday: I have to say that her political influence (and I think that the experts will agree with me) was insignificant inside the country, and, most likely, she was more noticeable in the human...

Russia: “Ruled by Lunatics”

  6 October 2006

The Russian Dilettante thinks “the Kremlin has gone mad”: “This hunt for people with Georgian last names the Kremlin is leading is beyond belief. (Clearly it is ethnic Georgians who are targeted regardless of nationality — not just “illegal immigrants.”) I have a feeling this country is ruled by lunatics....

Russia, Georgia: Crisis Continues

  6 October 2006

As the confrontation between Georgia and Russia continues, so does the discussion of it in the Russian blogosphere. Below are some of the exchanges, translated from Russian. LJ user plushev writes: I don't even remember when nearly everyone was writing on one subject. Beslan, perhaps. Was there anything like this...

Russia, Georgia: Unfriendly Relationship

  4 October 2006

A Tbilisi, Georgia, spice seller: “I was taking some photos in the Tbilisi's market and this lady, instead trying to sell me something, she asked me a portrait.” – by tomaradze Georgia (population approx. 4.4 million) arrested four Russian soldiers last week, charging them with espionage. Russia (population approx. 142.4...