· February, 2009

Stories about Azerbaijan from February, 2009

Azerbaijan: Constitutional Obfuscation

  3 February 2009

As Azerbaijan's March referendum to amend the Constitution approaches, Thoughts on the Road says that many of the changes are being made so unclear as to create confusion in the minds of the electorate. However, the blog notes, amendments which would allow the president to stay in power indefinitely as...

Caucasus: Creative Commons

  2 February 2009

The Creative Commons blog reports that significant progress has been made in adapting and translating the licensing system for Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Supported by the Eurasia Partnership Foundation, an online discussion on the three drafts is now open for all to join.

Armenia-Azerbaijan: Environment a Mutual Concern for Young Bloggers

  2 February 2009

With most of the blogs created as part of a new online project to “create socially conscious media that will impact communities across the U.S. and the Caucasus” now up and running, participants from Armenia and Azerbaijan were asked to highlight an issue of concern in their own communities. While other problems were mentioned, the environment topped the list.

Azerbaijan: Ol! Marks Rasul-zadeh Anniversary

  1 February 2009

Marking the 125th anniversary of the birth of Mammed Amin Rasul-zadeh, one of the founders of the short-lived Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan in the early 20th Century, the Ol! Youth Movement staged a small event in Baku and posts the video on its channel on YouTube.