· January, 2009

Stories about Armenia from January, 2009

Turkey: Armenian “Martin Luther King Jr.” Commemorated

  20 January 2009

The second anniversary of a murdered journalist once again had the power to move mountains in strained relations between between Armenia and Turkey, two states separated by the biblical mount Ararat and an unholy history. Yesterday's commemoration might not have been on such a large scale, but newspaper articles, editorials, and reaction from bloggers show that the murder of a prominent member of Turkey’s dwindling Christian Armenian minority by a Turkish ultra-nationalist continues to shock the world.

Armenia: Hate, Lies & Ignorance

  15 January 2009

After Armenia last month endorsed the UN statement against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, the prevalent homophobia in society has resulted in strong criticism of the move from unexpected quarters. One of the most prolific bloggers on LGBT rights in the country and its Diaspora, as well as the South Caucasus in general, voices his concern.

Armenia: Public Transport

  12 January 2009

Despite being the second largest city in the country, journeying to Gyumri from the capital, Yerevan, is not for anyone other than the hardiest of travelers. The Armenian Observer recounts a recent trip and says that while minibuses might be fast and cheap, they are often overcrowded and uncomfortable.

Armenia: New Year Celebrations

  11 January 2009

With the New Year holiday unofficially continuing until 13 January, whatever you are be a good one posts an extended entry accompanied by photographs on how the occasion is celebrated in Armenia.

Azerbaijan: IDPs

  10 January 2009

“sIDe-tALKs” Azerbaijan visits Azeri refugees and IDPs displaced by the war with Armenia over the disputed territory of Nagorno Karabakh in the early 1990s. The blog posts photographs of the visit and says that while attempts to integrate refugees and IDPs into Azerbaijani society have gained momentum, much more remains...

Armenia: New Year, Christmas Traditions

  8 January 2009

From the Mind of an Armenian Woman introduces its readers to traditions associated with the New Year and Christmas. In a second post, the same blog details how the church marks Christmas, celebrated in Armenia on 6 January.

Armenia: Merry Christmas

  6 January 2009

With Christmas celebrated by Armenians on 6 January, Unzipped sends its readers seasons greetings, but also details outstanding opposition and human rights concerns with political prisoners still in detention or on trial following the 1 March 2008 post-presidential election clashes in Yerevan. The blog also wonders whether an alternative address...

U.K: London Gaza Protest

Photo This & That, the blog of British photographer Edmond Terakopian, posts photographs of yesterday's protest against Israeli military action in Gaza. In a second post, the established and award-winning news photographer of ethnic Armenian descent takes exception to police handling of the demo.

Azerbaijan: Cultural Destruction

  4 January 2009

Another year has passed since the 1994 ceasefire put the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno Karabakh on hold, but a lasting peace remains elusive. However, both countries continue to accuse the other of destroying cultural and historical monuments. But, while the issue of the destruction of an ancient Armenian cemetery in the exclave of Nakhichevan is frequently raised, less is known about the cultural loss suffered by Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan: Back in Baku

  4 January 2009

Thoughts On The Road returns to Baku, capital of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and recounts a conversation with a local taxi driver on the Nagorno Karabakh conflict. The blog reflects on the effect war has on the human consciousness.

Armenia: Fugitive Activist Blog

  4 January 2009

Via Tzitzernak2, a blog has been established dealing with fugitive newspaper editor and opposition activist, Nikol Pashinyan. Currently on the run from the authorities following the 1 March post-presidential election clashes in Yerevan, Armenia, the blog, Nikol Pashinyan, is in Armenian.

Caucasus: New Year, Christmas

  3 January 2009

With Christmas and the New Year usually accompanied by lavish television spectaculars and decorations in the center of most cities worldwide, celebrations in countries such as Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia are the same to some extent, but usually more low-key and family-orientated. A number of expat workers and Peace Corps Volunteers in all three countries offer an outside eye on proceedings.

Turkey: Relations with Armenia

As the first post for 2009, The Eastern Middle offers its opinion on recent moves to normalize relations between Armenia and Turkey. Now studying in the U.S., the blogger says that she did not realize the magnitude of problems between the two estranged neighbors until she left the country of...

Armenia: Trial of Seven

  2 January 2009

Tzitzernak2 reports from the trial of seven prominent opposition members and activists. The blog also posts a YouTube video from the court case by A1 Plus, a pro-opposition TV station deprived of its broadcasting frequency by the authorities in 2002.