· July, 2007

Stories about Armenia from July, 2007

Caucasus: The state of democracy

  11 July 2007

Social Science in the Caucasus has a closer look at the The Economist Intelligence Unit's 2007 Index of Democracy, in which Georgia and Armenia are classified as hybrid and Azerbaijan as an authoritarian regime.

Armenia: Tourist guide

  10 July 2007

nazarian links to the latest edition of the free online tourist guide to Yerevan – a 150-page PDF including all the information one might need on how to spend a hot summer day in the Armenian capital.

Armenia: Lawless shootings

10 July 2007

At Blogrel, Harmick writes that “tit for tat” killings are becoming a regular occurence in Armenia.

Armenia: Construction frenzy

  9 July 2007

Blogrel complains about the construction of new elite apartments in Armenia's capital Yerevan, something that surely will drive the established tenants out of the centre. Meanwhile, Onnik Krikorian posts photos of the perpetual construction and offers his commentary about the changing city life.

Armenia: Fields of gold

  6 July 2007

Notes from Hairenik visits a farm in the Armenian Ararat region, where a resilient farmer is growing golden wheat but has to fight with irrigation problems.

Armenia: RFE/RL Update

  6 July 2007

Onnik Krikorian explains why the Armenian parliament rejected new media bills that would have put the broadcasts of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty at risk of being shut down. He also warns of complacency now that the immiment threat has waned – the government might find yet another reason...

Armenia: Constitution Day

  5 July 2007

On a rare occasion, the Armenian Observers chimes in with Armenia's government in hailing the country's constitution. He's hoping that it will be the foundation for democracy one day.

Armenia: RFE/RL Update

  2 July 2007

With restrictive media legislation set to be ratified in Armenia, what will this mean for independent broadcasters such as Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty? Onnik Krikorian discusses with his readers while Svet v Avguste and Tirami Su post photos from a protest march against the new media bills.