· April, 2007

Stories about Armenia from April, 2007

Assasinations and blasts in Armenia continue

  13 April 2007

Only days into the parliamentary election campaign, Armenia is wracked by assassination attempts against politicians and attacks on campaign offices. As one blogger remarks, the Kalashnikov is already the top brand of the election campaign.

Armenia: Prosperous Armenia Offices Bombed

  12 April 2007

Onnik Krikorian reports from the site of the bombing of Prosperous Armenia offices in Yerevan, mentioning that many believe the attack to be the work of the Republican Party. If true, the bombing may be a hint of clashes to come between these two powerful groups during election season.

Armenia: Theft from a Blogger

10 April 2007

Onnik Krikorian catches both ArmenPress and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty using his photos without permission.

Armenia: Campaign Underway

  10 April 2007

Though some parties have been doing some unofficial campaigning already, Armenia's parliamentary election campaign is now officially underway. Notes From Hareinik analyzes some ambitious campaign promises from the Armenian Revolutionary Federation — Dashnaktsutiun. Meanwhile, Onnik Krikorian has photos of the same party's campaign launch.

Armenia: Predictable politics and apathetic youth

  9 April 2007

A lot of things happening in the political landscape of Armenia are anticipated and predictable “by journalists and people on the street alike”, Notes from Hairenik states, building up his speculations around the fact, that this predictability in the Armenian politics leads to apathy, as people do not see their...

Armenia: Pre-election Games

  6 April 2007

Onnik Krikorian interviews Tamar Palandjian, proprietress of ArmYouth Blog and one of the organizers of a recent even that encouraged youth to discuss and become engaged in Armenia's coming parliamentary election.

Armenia: Solving Politics

  3 April 2007

Responding to the news of an attempted assassination of a provincial mayor that left four people dead, Harmick comes up with an innovative solution for solving Armenia's politics