· November, 2006

Stories about Armenia from November, 2006

Armenia: Komidas Project

  10 November 2006

Notes From Hareinik reviews a reinterpretation of Armenian music that stands out from the rest of the crowd.

Voices from Central Asia and the Caucasus

  10 November 2006

Club in Almaty/Kazakhstan – (c) Christopher Herwig – www.herwigphoto.com Welcome to the latest roundup of the Central Asian and Caucasian blogospheres. A lot has happened over the past two weeks – so let's get down to business straightaway. Political crisis in Kyrgyzstan… The stalemate between opposition and the Bakiyev/Kulov administration...

Armenia: Bowing Out

  8 November 2006

Zarchka of Life Around Me explains why she decided not to participate in “Hye Superstar 2.”

Armenia: Corruption

  8 November 2006

Onnik Krikorian notes Armenia's lack of change in perceived corruption according to Transparency International's new report. He compares Armenia's performance with that of its other neighbors in the South Caucasus.

Armenia: Elections

  1 November 2006

Is all hope lost? Will the upcoming parliamentary elections be fixed? At Blogrel, Observer writes that there is reason for hope.

Armenia: Medicine & Trust

  1 November 2006

Zarchka has more to say about the medical system in Armenia. In her latest post, she explains who her family had to turn to when traditional doctors were little help.