· June, 2006

Stories about Armenia from June, 2006

Voices from Central Asia and the Caucasus

  13 June 2006

The Pamirs in sight, Kyrgyzstan Welcome to the latest roundup of the Central Asian and Caucasian blogosphere, brought to you bi-weekly by neweurasia. This edition reaches you from sunny Berlin, where the World Cup is in full swing (making this roundup inevitably brief). Unfortunately, the Azeri blogosphere is still underrepresented...

Armenia: No-Smoking Day

  7 June 2006

Ani reports on the two celebrations of World No-Smoking Day in Armenia this year and discusses smoking in the country.

Armenia, Azerbaijan: War Looming?

  6 June 2006

Christian Garbis says that he fears war between Armenia and Azerbaijan will resume in the wake of the failure of the two parties to make progress on reaching a peace deal over Karabakh.

Armenia & Azerbaijan: Karabakh Deadlock

  6 June 2006

Onnik Krikorian notes that the deadlock over Karabakh between Armenia and Azerbaijan continues and wonders how long the international community will continue tolerating the inability of the two sides to sign a peace deal.

Armenia: World Champs

6 June 2006

Notes from Hareinik congratulates Armenia's chess team for taking first place in the 37th Chess Olympiad in Turin.

Armenia, Azerbaijan: Back to Talks

  2 June 2006

Christian Garbis writes that Armenia and Azerbaijan are set to return to the negotiating table to discuss the exact same peace deal that was rejected last time. Garbis says the deal should be changed though and allow for an immediate referendum in Nagorno Karabakh on the territory's status.

Russia, Georgia: Railway Reopened

The railway between Moscow and Tbilisi hasn't been used in 13 years, but now the service is being restored, reports Vilhelm Konnander: “Even though the newly reopened Tbilisi-Moscow connection is not via Abkhazia, negotiations are underway between Russia, Georgia, Armenia and Abkhazia, to reopen also the line running through Abkhazia...

Armenia: Conflict Resolution

  1 June 2006

ArmYouth Blog writes that there are lessons in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict for resolving the dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno Karabakh.

Armenia: Children's Day

  1 June 2006

Onnik Krikorian has photos of International Children's Day celebrations at Yerevan's Liberty Square and of the free concert of Armenian Navy Band to end the day.