· July, 2011

Stories about Armenia from July, 2011

Armenia: The Barber of Ashtarak

  29 July 2011

Ianyan pays a visit to Ashtarak, a small city just outside Yerevan, the Armenian capital, and a local barber's shop. The blog posts photographs and a brief account of the experience.

Armenia: Nationalist links alleged after Utøya attacks

  28 July 2011

Unzipped comments on claims that Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian responsible for the 22 July terrorist attacks in Oslo and Utøya which killed at least 76 people, had online connections with extreme nationalists and neo-Nazis in many countries including Armenia. The blog says that the local security services should investigate...

Georgia: Diversity in motion

  22 July 2011

Unable to visit each other's country because of the still unresolved conflict over the disputed territory of Nagorno Karabakh, Reader in Baku comments on meeting with Armenians on neutral ground in the Georgian capital and suggests others from both sides do the same.

Armenia: Corruption

  21 July 2011

With Armenia ranking 123 out of 178 countries in a 2010 Transparency International report measuring corruption, Life in the Caucasus, a blog maintained by a Peace Corps volunteer in the country, notes that bribery take place at all levels of society and in every sphere of life.

Armenia: Impressions of Georgia

  20 July 2011

Ianyan posts photographs and its impressions of a recent visit to Georgia, Armenia's northern neighbor. Global Chaos, another Armenian blog, also does the same.

Armenia: Eurovision Choices

  7 July 2011

Unzipped: Gay Armenia says that while many outstanding issues still remain to be resolved in terms of Armenia's participation in next year's Eurovision Song Contest to be held in estranged neighbor Azerbaijan, the country's entry should not be political. However, the blog warns, the two choices  said to be under...

Armenia: Yerevan Shoe Project

  1 July 2011

Visiting Armenia, Ianyan posts photographs of the types of shoes that many women in the Armenian capital wear despite the risk of associated medical problems. The post is part of a continuing project examining shoe fashion in Yerevan.

Armenia: Rabiz and Public Diplomacy

  1 July 2011

Global Chaos examines the rabiz genre of Armenian music and questions the role it plays in public diplomacy especially in reaching out to the country's large and influential Diaspora.