· July, 2009

Stories about Armenia from July, 2009

Armenia: Kim Kardashian, national identity and peace

  31 July 2009

Ianyan continues its regular feature compiling mention of Armenia and Armenians on the Internet. In its latest column, the blog comments on reference to celebrity socialite Kim Karashian and fashion, national identity, breaking down ethnic divides, and more…

Armenia: Homophoia and intolerance

  31 July 2009

Unzipped: Gay Armenia comments on a round table held in Yerevan on homophobia and intolerance in society. The blog says that Armenia cannot afford to allow xenophobia, homophobia and intolerance towards others to go unchecked.

Armenia-Azerbaijan: Musical collaboration

  28 July 2009

Despite the unresolved conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno Karabakh which has left many citizens of both countries intolerant and bitterly opposed to the other, a Baku-based newspaper has discovered a video on YouTube of an Azeri girl singing traditional mugham backed by Armenian musicians. Remy_G tweets that the...

Armenia: An interview with Liana Aghajanian

  23 July 2009

Born in Iran, but raised and now living in the United States, Liana Aghajanian is a writer and a relative newcomer to the Armenian blogosphere. However, Aghajanian has set an important precedent for alternative voices and an independent media in Armenia and the Diaspora with her Wordpress-based e-zine, Ianyan.

Armenia: Vardavar

  19 July 2009

Ianyan marks the much-loved Armenian holiday of Vardavar. The blog examines the roots of a tradition which usually revolves around children dousing complete strangers with buckets of water.

Armenia: Flag display

517 Design [RU] posts a photograph of a billboard made up of the flags of those countries which will be entering films into the Golden Apricot festival in Yerevan. The blog notes the inclusion of flags from Azerbaijan and Turkey, countries with no formal diplomatic relations with Armenia because of...

Armenia: Youth activist detained

  10 July 2009

As youth activists face trial in Azerbaijan on charges of hooliganism despite eye witness accounts that they were instead the victims of assault, concerns are emerging that the way in which young opponents are targeted is becoming the modus operandi for authoritarian regimes in the region.

Armenia: Rock ‘n Roll kitchen

  5 July 2009

Global Voices Online's Caucasus Editor pays a visit to Armenia's second largest city of Gyumri where he interviews a member of the country's most well-known rock band. The post also includes an alternative video recipe for a little known local dish.

Armenia: Fugitive newspaper editor detained, starts tweeting

  5 July 2009

Tzitzernak2 posts a video of fugitive newspaper editor and opposition activist Nikol Pashinian turning himself in after a more than a year on the run following last year's post-election unrest in Armenia. Meanwhile, @unzippedblog reports that @nikolpashinyan has started tweeting from detention in the building of the National Security Service...

Armenia: Georgian controversy

Nazarian comments on the recent visit by Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili to Armenia. The blog says that nationalist forces in the country have every right to be angered by the medal awarded to Saakashvili by his Armenian counterpart, but says that Russian parliamentarians should stay out of the affairs of...

Iran: Stand by me

Ianyan reports on the recording of a song sung in English and Farsi to show solidarity with the Iranian people. The blog notes that joining Jon Bon Jovi for the song is Iranian-Armenian pop star Andy Madadian. Unzipped also covers the release of the song.

Armenia: Overheard on the Net

  5 July 2009

Ianyan, a new blog-based e-zine presents its first bi-weekly column, Overheard on the Net, a humorous and irreverent look at how Armenians are often referred to online by others.