· August, 2008

Stories about Armenia from August, 2008

Georgia: Security in the Caucasus

  31 August 2008

Security in the Caucasus, a new blog established by a PhD candidate at the London School of Economics currently undertaking field work in the region, says that the recent conflict between Russia and Georgia was largely the result of a major miscalculation by Tbilisi. The blog also says that the...

Armenia: Opposition Truce

Unzipped commends the opposition in Armenia for deciding to postpone planned street protests and other political actions ahead of next week's historic football match with Turkey in Yerevan. The move is meant to contribute to the possibility for Armenian-Turkish reconcilliation.

Georgia: Armenian Tourist Evacuation

  11 August 2008

Regional Reporters [RU] reports that 1,200 Armenian tourists vacationing in the Black Sea resorts of Batumi and Kobuleti have been evacuated from Georgia. However, the blog notes, not all Armenian tourists decided to leave.

Georgia: Armenian Economic Concerns

  10 August 2008

The Armenian Economist comments on the military confrontation between Georgia and Russia noting that 96 percent of Armenia's trade goes via its northern neighbor. The blog says that Armenia will suffer as a result and concludes that it is now effectively blockaded on all sides.

Georgia: Armenians Evacuated

  9 August 2008

Unzipped says that 150 Armenian citizens in the Georgian resort towns of Batumi and Kobuleti are being evacuated from the country as military conflict with Russia intensifies. The blog also says that the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports no casualties among Armenian citizens in Georgia.

Georgia: Saakashvili's Miscalculation

  9 August 2008

The Armenian Observer says that the latest military confrontation between Russia and Georgia was a miscalculation by the Georgian president, Mikhail Saakashvili. The blog also says that with a defacto state of war waging in Armenia's northern neighbor, there are concerns at home about the conflict with Azerbaijan over another...

Armenia: Oil, Genocide and Obama

Voices Without Votes takes a look at why many Armenians at home and abroad support U.S. Presidential Election Democratic Party Candidate Barack Obama and how Azerbaijanis and Turks are responding to his campaign promise to recognize the 1915 Armenian Genocide.

Armenia: Blogger Interviews Acting U.S. Ambassador

  7 August 2008

Blogian interviews the acting U.S. Ambassador to Armenia, Chargé d’Affaires Joseph Pennington. In an extended entry, the blog details some of the main points from the interview which includes reference to Armenian-Turkish relations, the post-election situation in the country and a recent visit by Pennington and his wife, The Economist's...

Armenia: Turkish Football Fans

Ahead of September's historic football match between estranged neighbors Armenia and Turkey, Unzipped comments on rumors circulating in Yerevan that as many as 10,000 Turkish football fans might descend on the capital. The blog notes that “football diplomacy” might yet represent a real possibility for a breakthrough in relations between...

Armenia: Corruption

  6 August 2008

The Armenian Observer commends the new prime minister, former Central Bank Chairperson Tigran Sargsyan, for what appears to be genuine efforts to combat some of the corruption that has infested government structures and skyrocketed since the early 1990s. Even so, the blog notes that the radical opposition led by Armenia's...

Armenia: New Transgender Blog

  6 August 2008

As the LGBT community in both Armenia and the Diaspora continue to adopt blogs in order to communicate in what otherwise remains a media vacuum, Unzipped: Gay Armenia announces the establishment of Transgender in Armenia. The blog, written in Armenian and Russian, is based in Yerevan and Unzipped: Gay Armenia...

Armenia: Minority Education

  6 August 2008

Armenia: Higher Education & Sciences comments on a program to develop leadership skills among the country's ethnic minorities. Although not a specific area of focus of the specialist blog, it then goes on to discuss the various issues relating to minority education in Armenia.

Armenia: Blogger Bank Boycott

  6 August 2008

The Armenian Observer reports that following the closure of a branch in the self-declared Republic of Nagorno Karabakh, some Armenian bloggers are urging a boycott of the Russian-owned VTB Bank. Central to the problem is that Nagorno Karabakh is recognized internationally as a part of Azerbaijan, and the bank is...