· August, 2007

Stories about Armenia from August, 2007

Armenia: Election update

  28 August 2007

Onnik Krikorian posts the latest developments in the run-up to next year's presidential elections in Armenia. This week's news include the growing rumours that a successful ex-politician might enter the scene to compete against the ruling Republican Party.

Central Asia: Amusement parks

  23 August 2007

You kind of always wanted to visit the ubiquitous amusement parks in Central Asia and the Caucasus, but just never dared to go inside, right? Joshua Kucera takes you on a photo tour.

Central Asia: Clan-tastic

  23 August 2007

Christine Quirk looks at how clans shape political behaviour and in how far they make it difficult to enfranchise groups who might have different viewpoints or are far down on the clan power structure.

Armenia: Sport fights

  21 August 2007

Both Zarchka and Onnik Krikorian originally expected to see exciting basketball games when they went to see the matches Glendale-Istanbul and Yerevan-Cairo respectively: But unfortunately, both games, which are part of the 4th Pan-Armenian Games, were the scene of fist fights between the opposing teams, casting a negative shadow on...

Armenia: Genocide notes

  18 August 2007

The quest for the acknowledgement of the Armenian genocide might prevent seeking an explanation for why it happened. Join Onnik Krikorian for several interesting thoughts on the issue of the Armenian genocide.

Armenia: Orphanage

  16 August 2007

Thomas of Follow the Way posts photos taken by Lilit Abrahamyan. They depict the daily life in an orphanage for mentally handicapped kids near Armenia's capital Yerevan.

Armenia: Smoking waste

  14 August 2007

Anahide writes about a dump site outside of Yerevan, where unrecycled waste is slowly burning and releases toxic emissions. Thomas of Follow the Way took some pictures of the site.

Armenia: World Bank responds

  9 August 2007

Confronted with allegations of corruption, the World Bank has now written a formal reply to Armenian blogger Onnik Krikorian. Onnik, however, thinks the Bank should launch an official and open investigation into the cause if it does not have anything to hide.

Armenia: World Bank and Corruption

  8 August 2007

Onnik Krikorian still has not heard back from the Armenian office of the World Bank concerning the allegations of corruption brought against the institution by a British national.

Armenia: Election update

  6 August 2007

Onnik Krikorian provides a comprehensive update of new developments in the run-up to next year's presidential elections in Armenia, including the opposition's inability to rectify past mistakes.

Armenia: Demography

  2 August 2007

Observer notes that Armenia's rather positive demographic data might deteriorate due to negative population growth rates and large-scale out-migration.

Armenia: Smoking

  2 August 2007

Zarchka voices her disgust over smoking and how entrenched it is in Armenian society.

Armenia: World Bank and Corruption

  1 August 2007

Despite promises to launch a full investigation into a corruption case, the World Bank has still not sent an investigation team to Armenia. Onnik Krikorian has the background to the story and laments the lack of attention given to these high-profile crimes. Maybe blogs can fill the information void?